adidas Harden Vol 4 unveiling

adidas just unveiled recently James Harden's fourth signature shoe, the Harden Vol 4. He was already wearing these in a practice facility and it was revealed some days ago at a media event in New York. According to adidas this is James Harden's lightest sneaker to date. It features a Lightstrike foam cushion, first seen on the adidas NXT L3V3L. For me it was surprising because I thought they will continue to use Boost foam. At the same time, I really can't complain about it because James Harden is one of adidas top signature athlete when it comes to basketball so having him use their latest tech is probably the way to go.

In terms of looks, Daniel Patrick helped with the design process as they try to mix it up with his off-court swagger and with different panels/overlays used in the shoe, it throws more personality on the shoe and of course, you can easily accentuate those panels with different colors. It is predominantly in mesh with some leather piece on the toecap area. An elastic band in the midfoot also gives the shoe a snug fit. The elastic band was also used on last year's model and seeing it again, it looks like James Harden favors foot containment in his shoe. I have no experience with the Lighstrike cushion, however, adidas is telling that the foam is intended to provide cushioning and support needed for today's game without adding too much weight.

For the launch date, the Barbershop colorway will drop on October 12 for $130 with other colorways releasing in the weeks and months. There are gonna be a lot of different colorways dropping which you can see down below. So if you are eyeing on a specific colorway, be sure to keep your tabs here at for release dates as well as some detailed pics in the future.

Image credit: Sergio Santos

#kixspotted adidas Pro Bounce 2019

The Pro Bounce line continues with the adidas Pro Bounce 2019. This is more or less a team shoe so expect them to come in different colorways. It is made up of an open mesh material and while the sieves/perforations are large, there is an underlay underneath it for added barrier or protection for your feet since the upper is relatively soft. You can also see some fuse panels in the lacing area to prevent them from ripping. The cushion is made from Bounce foam and you can see the midsole tooling being also used as a midfoot lateral cage. This was seen in the Dame 5 and adidas Pro Bounce Madness 2019 (performance review soon), but this time it is made from the foam tooling. Don't worry, they added some TPU pieces which also serves as the 3 stripes branding for more structure and rigidity as well as a heel clip at the back. The outsole is made from solid rubber and feels thick enough so you can use them outdoors as well. It is not as wide as the Pro Bounce Madness, and in fact looks like a derivative of the feet-you-wear outsole from adidas used back then. Herringbone pattern was used so it will more or less provide optimum court grip. 

There's a hightop and a lowtop version which retails for Php 5,800 and Php 5,500 respectively. You can get them now at the Capital store in Trinoma. You can check out the in-store footage and detailed image down below.

Vans AVE Pro

 "Good enough isn't good enough." That's why for Anthony Van Engelen, having a great skateboard shoe should have great performance attributes to help you perform at a high level. Of course, they are considered athletes after all. Vans' AVE Pro (which stands for Anthony Van Engelen's initials) takes skateboarding shoe to another level and while it looks your typical Vans shoe, there are some key components which might help you. I am no skateboarder, so I really can't tell exactly how it would translate in skateboarding but let me take a good swing at it. Luckily, these tech specs are also found at Vans website so at least information regarding tech specs can be researched easily.

The upper feels light with a combination of RAPIDWELD which is a no-sew technology found in the upper along withe Duracap which is found on the toe area It feels like a raw suede or a tough suede material which looks and feels durable. Inside is an ULTRACUSH HD footbed which is a PU-based foam to add comfort as a source of cushioning. Underneath is an outsole system they call ULTIMATEWAFFLE which has some sort of a foam inside it and the rubber itself feels durable with that waffle pattern adding flexibility throughout the whole outsole. There is a shank plate in the middle to provide stability in the midfoot area. The Vans AVE Pro comes in 3 colors and retails for Php 6,998 which you can get now at Vans Trinoma.

adidas Harden Step Back

Another basketball model from adidas under James Harden's line and I think this would be along the price range of the adidas Harden B/E. They are calling this the Step Back, which is one of James Harden's go-to move enabling him to create space against a defender as he sets up his jump shot.

I'm loving the look of the shoe because panels or overlays are present here. Personally I'm digging the look of this more than the recent Harden B/Es. Bounce cushion is also used so you can be sure that they are not gonna jack up the price on this. Also, more colorways will follow because this black/white/grey is too plain although we don't know any more details about this yet. If I were to ask you, which do you prefer this or the recent B/E?


Nike Zoom Freak 1 'Coming to America'

Hardwork pays off. Just look at Giannis who didn't gave up on his dream, countless hours of grinding to improve his game which brought him to the NBA and is considered as one of the players in the league. No wonder Nike gave him a signature shoe especially considering that it is rarely to have a player who plays in the PF/C position with that kind of talent. It's time to give some love to the "big men". A black mesh upper with some leopard-like print, you can see the inscriptions "Coming to America" written on the tongue. The gold accents on the swoosh branding is a nice complement together with that solid rubber and translucent rubber outsole combination. For cushioning, a phylon midsole with Zoom Air in the heel was used to add some impact protection. The shoe retails for Php 6,295 and is available at Titan Fort, Vertis, Conrad, Alabang, webstore and mobile app.

Via: Titan

Jordan Jumpman 2020 PF

 Another basketball silhouette from Jordan Brand is about to drop soon and it looks like it's going to be a solid shoe with just me basing it from the looks alone. They are calling it the Jordan Jumpman 2020 PF and kinda remind me of one of those Super.Fly shoes from Jordan Brand. The upper is made from mesh with some additional on the lacing area and you can somewhat see the adaptive lacing system. It's also nice to see them using panels since it adds more personality on the shoe not making  it too plain. The Jumpman logo can be seen on different parts of the shoe as well as the Flight logo on the heel. Seeing this makes me think that this is gonna be geared for quick/explosive players. Underneath, you can see the large Zoom Air bag in the forefoot like the one used on the Why Not Zero.2. It is a large square piece Zoom Air unit and I'm not sure if there is something in the heel as as well. There is a somewhat crash pad in there so I would assume that there is something in there to help with impact protection in the rear. They say that the shoe drops soon, but not specific release date as of the moment.


adidas Dame 6

While there isn't any official announcement from adidas, it looks like the Dame 6 news that spread the net is real and in fact, Dame himself wore it already. It looks like layers or paneling are starting to return with this and the rumored Harden Vol 4. The overall look of the silhouette looks good and I wonder what other colorways are going to drop. Also, it looks like the Bounce foam will be used on some of the team models with their signature lines will have LightStrike. I haven't tried that cushioning yet so let's see how that will work. I am also wondering if there will be some price increase with the Dame 6, I hope not. Well, using the same outsole tooling across different models could also lower the costing. But nonetheless, let's see in the coming days what are the official tech specs of the Dame shoe once adidas officially unveils the shoe.