#kixspotted adidas Pro Model Bounce 2019

Here are some in-store images of the adidas Pro Model Bounce 2019. Seeing these in person really sent me circa late 90's early 2000s. I mean just from a quick glance, the silhouette, the upper material... that shiny finish, I'm pretty sure older sneakerheads know what I am talking about. The good thing is that in terms of aesthetics, nothing much has changed dramatically so to speak. But the good thing is that they revised the cushioning tech. Back then, it was adiprene and now they are using Bounce foam which is very versatile who needs some balance between court feel and impact protection. Aside from that, I think nothing has changed so you will get that familiar shell toecap piece up front, there is also a torsion plate in the midfoot which is made from TPU for some rigidity. I think there are more colors that are available now, but here in adidas Trinoma the black colorway is the only thing that I've spotted which retails for Php 5,500 which is not bad for an improved retro model.

#kixspotted Puma Clyde Court

Guys, I've spotted the Puma Clyde Court and while it's kinda late to be honest, at least you could get them locally. These are available at various Puma stores with these images taken at the Puma store in Trinoma.

It features a knit upper which is really appealing. Sure, the shape looks plain, but the use of textile upper and good choice of color combinations really amped the aesthetics. There are some lacing modifications done reinforcements and I think it would do its job in foot containment. This is also the first shoe from Puma hoops which featured the NRGY beads that runs full length. I have a hunch that this would feel more comfortable than another Puma shoe that I am reviewing right now (video review coming soon since I am almost done with it). Four color options are available locally in the Philippines which retails for Php 6,150.

World Balance X Secret Fresh

Two local brands unite for this collab and personally seeing this makes me excited because these 2 local brands are really making big moves in their own respective fields. We know Secret Fresh is holding the fort down when it comes to featuring modern art and often times combining it with today's fashion. Meanwhile, World Balance is hitting the right buttons as of the moment stepping up their footwear game be it lifestyle or performance kicks. The said collaboration which will drop this December features a skate shoe-like silhouette. The upper looks like it is made from canvas together with a velcro for a more relaxed, easy adjust fitting. You can also see the Secret Fresh "heart" logo :) and I'm assuming that the World Balance logo can be seen on the back part of the vulcanized midsole. It is also safe to say that these will feature Bounce Pad insole system to add comfort in your every step because that particular insole system is being used in World Balance's lifestyle kicks. The shoe will retail for Php 2,299 which is a steal price if you ask me. My suggestion is you wait for further announcements for the exact release date coz people might hype this up since both brands are doing great out there. As for me, yep I will be copping a pair when they drop (the white one looks dope for my big day next year).

Via: World Balance

Puma Clyde Court Disrupt available now in the Philippines

Finally, the Puma Clyde Court Disrupt is now available in Puma stores in Metro Manila. This shoe somewhat officially brought back Puma into the basketball sneaker game. Because of this, a lot of interest spark among sneakerheads because let's be honest, we haven't seen Puma for quite some time now. Also, they were able to bridge that long gap in terms of aesthetics making the silhouette look plain in terms of shape but using modern materials such as knitted textile. Speaking of tech, this is also the birth of Puma's NRGY beads being placed on their basketball performance shoe. It was first seen on their lifestyle as well running shoe and a lot of us were wondering how will it transition in a basketball performance sneaker. With that, now is the chance to cop a pair, as they are available now at the following Puma stores in Metro Manila: Bonifacio High Street, Glorietta, Greenbelt 5, Newport and Trinoma. They did not indicate the retail price in their facebook post but I'm guessing that it will be around that Php 6,000 barrier (even higher).

Via: Puma PH

Converse X DC Batman

Converse is going full retro on this collab with one of DC's iconic heroes, Batman. From the color  palette used, it really highlights that old school comic vibe and even the designed was taken out from the OG series of Batman featuring Adam West. If that is not OG enough for you, then I don't know what any more descriptions I can give to you. Batman is really in full effect because of the loud graphics on the canvas upper and even on heel area of the midsole, you can see the other half of the pair have that Bat-logo. Fans of Batman, should be really cop a pair of this just because... you know, it's Batman 'nuff said. The good thing is that they are scattered across different locations such as Converse Glorietta, Shangri-la, Trinoma, Ayala Cebu, Festival Mall branches, and select retail stores like Popcorn and Sole Academy Mini.

Via: Converse Ph

UA Curry 7 'UNDRTD' available at Olympic Village

Steph Curry might be out due to that hand injury, but you can't stop Under Armour from releasing his 7th signature shoe. The Curry 7 shares a resemblance of another shoe from Under Armour which is the  Curry 3 Zero3, a more lower-tier model in the Curry (not main signature) line. It has that slim low-top build made from textile and synthetic leather. The cushioning is made from a dual-density setup of Micro-G and HOVR foam. There is also a very noticeable TPU plate which is the orange part in the pictures found in this post, acting as a stabilizer of some sort perhaps. Finally, that outsole is made from a one-piece solid rubber which looks more durable since there are reports that the some of the rubber outsole on last year's model were less durable (peeling or ripping easily). This looks like a solid shoe in my opinion and I was surprised because it dropped here in the Philippines earlier than I expected. You can get them now at various Olympic Village branches.


Huarache-inspired AlphaDunk

I'm loving this colorway of the AlphaDunk, as it taken its inspiration from the Huarache. The light purple hue on the upper somewhat dilutes it a bit, but the heel panel is where the inspiration is heavily seen. The swoosh logo on the heel panel is done in such a way that it's looks similar to the Huarache's heel strap. Making it purple makes it also more dope in my opinion. Everything else in the cushioning is intact which means you'll get that large-volume Zoom Air in the forefoot area which according to Nike promotes that responsive ride, perfect for taking off for a jump. The area of the Zoom Air bag is big so it really covers most part of the forefoot and since it is large-volume, you will definitely feel it. You can get this now at Intersports in Vertis North for Php 8,995.

Air Jordan 12 'Reverse Taxi' available at Titan

If the "Taxi" colorway of the Air Jordan 12 isn't for you, then you might want to hit the reverse and switch things up. The upper material takes a switch from leather to suede which made it a somewhat new look but still reminds you of the good 'ol days when the shoe released in its original colorway. The gold and red hits are still present not to shoo away OG heads who are fan of the silhouette. This is one of those iconic silhouettes of the Air Jordan in my opinion, maybe because of how MJ cemented his greatness on the NBA while wearing the shoe. If you want to cop a pair, then you can check out Titan Fort, Vertis, Conrad, UPTC, as well as their online store and Titan App for Php 9,445.

Via: Titan

Peak Underground X TaiChi get them at InSoles

If you are here in the Philippines and is already itching to snag a pair of Peak Underground X TaiChi, then this post is for you. In Soles, an online store based here in the Philippines could help you in scoring a pair. I have made multiple transactions with them in the past and all of them are hassle free. They specialize in Chinese kicks like Peak, Anta, Li-Ning, 361 Degrees that are hard to find or not readily available in malls. It's an early Christmas treat for us in my opinion and according to their Facebook page, the shoe will cost for Php 6,000 which is a good deal considering that it would be hassle-free based on my previous experience with them. I think this is the first basketball shoe from Peak that featured their TaiChi cushion which was first introduced in their running/lifestyle shoe. This is a limited offer guys, so I suggest you check out their FB page <HERE> if you want to get your hands on Lou Williams' latest shoe with Peak Basketball.   

Peak X Taichi 'Underground'

The Los Angeles Clippers got a first crack in the battle of LA. I was able to watch the game on the net and honestly I really feel good with the outcome. While both the Clippers and Lakers played with an incomplete lineup, the Clippers were able to stay true to the team's personality which is to give emphasis on defense. These are top-notch athletes and I am pretty sure that scoring will be natural for them, but for a team to do it also on the defensive end, in my head it is safe to say that should the Clippers have a great season run (too early to tell because it's just the start of the season), then the landscape of the game would change because teams would also take into account not just scoring baskets, but stopping the opposing team from scoring as well.

Today was also a great time for players to flaunt their latest kicks. For Lou Williams, who is best known for being a sixth man, he was able to rock these joints in the game. I am not sure if this is his real or official signature shoe, but different some basketball store site like hibasketballshoes.com is placing Lou's name on the product name which says Peak X Taichi "Underground Goat" Lou Williams. If this is his official signature shoe, then congrats to him because he really deserves a signature shoe. It is a lowtop with a nice color blocking, particularly this one IMO because it has that LA Clippers color theme to it. It somewhat gives that vibe that the team comes first and not focusing on hero ball or only a particular player carrying the team to victory. In the site's product description, it is made from a textile material with Peak's Taichi cushioning being used here. Well it says also in the product name so I guess it really is Taichi cushioning. I don't know if this will reach here in the Philippines though and I wish it would particularly this colorway. I am also intrigued with what Lou wore last season so I might give that a try too after I'm done with the shoe I'm testing. It's been a long time since I reviewed a shoe from Peak so might as well check out what shoes are available now here in the Philippines. 

via: PeakSport IG