Nike Kyrie 5 Black/Gold

This is an elegant colorway of the Nike Kyrie 5. Sure, it doesn't really connect with Kyrie's recent team, the Boston Celtics, but the narrative of his current situation as to where he would play next season just makes this shoe fitting. He is still gold in terms of what he can bring to a team, especially a solid team. Like come on guys, he's still an NBA Champion when was in Cleveland. It's just the injuries really slowed him a bit. Also, this black shade to me just adds more mystery as it unfolds in the coming days or weeks. For tech specs, it will still be the same. You have a textile upper with a Venus Flytrap-inspired lacing system and an articulated forefoot Zoom unit. These are available right now in some stores in the US for $130, but I haven't seen them yet here in the Philippines. However, I'm pretty sure that this colorway will also reach here so you'll just have to wait a bit if you plan to cop a pair.  


#kixspotted Pro Touch OZ 4.0 M

Here is a new brand that we get to see here in the Philippines which hails from UK. The Pro Touch could be a good option for those runners or into running with a limited budget in mind. For this particular model, the OZ 4.0 M, it is just above the P3,000 price mark, (Php 3,195 to be exact). Now, please note that I am no expert in running so just based on my initial observation, I can say that the shoe could qualify for short-distance runs. It is made up of engineered mesh which makes it light. There are fuse panels in the lace area to prevent the material from ripping. The ribbings found in the side adds structure to the shoe. Inside the Achilles area are some padding for lockdown in the rear.

Cushioning is made up of a lightweight foam. It isn't the best-feeling foam to be honest, but what it gives you is a consistent impact protection and responsiveness. Also, take into consideration that these are priced cheap so don't expect that these have tons of tech in it. However, I believe that it is functional. Underneath, the arch area is molded and on the poster at the store, it says that it has "Control Bridge" for midfoot stability. The outsole is made up of solid rubber which you can see on the forefoot and heel area. I believe these are the usual strike zones in running so they keep the rubber minimal to just where you need them.

These are available now at Planet Sports in Trinoma for Php 3,195 which I think is a good price for a new brand who want to make a mark here in the Philippine market. You can check out the Planet Sports store in Trinoma since there are other models which I think is for training and for casual use.

Fila Ray Tracer

Another "Dad Shoe" silhouette that you can grab now is Fila's Ray Tracer. It looks like a hybrid shoe to me for some reason but the good thing is that even though it looks like a hybrid shoe of the Fila Disruptor (to me at least), it still is appealing because of the different leather overlays that were used. Also having the shoe in a white colorway is really nice too. The Fila branding, red and blue accents in the midsole together with those nice laces add some pop to it. While I don't know if there will be other colorways that will be available, I think this colorway is good enough to bring that heat in your sneaker rotation. These are available now at select Fila boutiques and comes in mens and womens sizes which retails for Php 3,499. Oh, they are also limited so I suggest you go check out their Fila PH's Instagram page just to be sure if there are stocks near your area.

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kixspotted: World Balance Trifecta

Dubbed as the Trifecta, this World Balance basketball performance sneaker really looks appealing to me. It has a somewhat midtop build which is made up of engineered mesh and textile upper. There is a forefoot strap which makes the shoe really look good IMO. The design to me looks very modern together with the use of textile materials. The midsole and outsole tooling is the same as High Voltage and other models that released recently. Cushioning is primarily made up of EVA with a stiff TPU piece in the lateral area of the midsole tooling. Also, the TerraSoft Insole System is still present which gives the shoe another layer of protection from impact as well as some step-in comfort.

Retailing at Php 2,299 the price is still relatively cheap considering that these are performance sneakers. You can grab them now at various World Balance stores. Or you can check the video below for some in-store footage as well if you want to know more.

Air Jordan IV Flyknit Royal

 Celebrating the Air Jordan IV silhouette for 30 years, Nike/Jordan Brand cooked up another upgraded version of the Jordan IVs. Just like the Air Jodan I and III,  Flyknit made its way on this retro silhouette giving you a premium feel but on a lighter side when being compared to leather. Aside from that, they will showcase this collection using a monochromatic Royal color which is also timeless if you ask me. Straight up shades of blue can be seen and the only thing I that's not in blue that I observed was the branding inside the insole which is in black and of course the Air bag in the heel which is still transparent. But everything else, it's all straight up blue even the outsole which has a combination of solid and translucent rubber outsole. These are scheduled to release on June 14, 2019 for $220 together with 3 other monochromatic colors of red, volt, and orange.


Nike Freak 1 drops this July

Scheduled to release during the Bucks' playoff run, Nike somewhat pushed back its release. Now, we have a word that July 3 will be the shoe's release date. The Nike Freak 1 a.k.a. Giannnis Antetokounmpo's first signature shoe will feature a synthetic upper with the swoosh branding being incorporated as part of the midsole tooling. Cushion setup would be double-stacked heel Zoom Air. I wished that it were forefoot and heel or maybe forefoot, but maybe this is what Giannis wants since it's his signature shoe. Maybe he doesn't want anything up front I guess. For the outsole, it is a combination of translucent and solid rubber. The shoe will retail for $120 which almost has the same price range as the other signature models from Nike like the PGs and Kyries. Are you getting a pair? I will try to get some in-store footage of the shoe once I spotted them so be sure to keep it locked here at

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This Harden Vol 3 has that summer vibes

 The summer vibes in this Harden Vol 3 colorway is in full effect. Sporting a red/orange hue in the upper, there are some grey accents on the medial side, tongue and heel area where his logo and the number 13 (on both pair) is located. Also, the 3 stripes logo on the lateral side is in different shade as well for some contrast. The Boost foam and that lateral cage in the forefoot area is in white which I think is the right way to go since, it would be off if you make the Boost foam colored. Making it white makes it look clean. The outsole is a combination of solid rubber and translucent rubber and you can see the torsion plate in shade of orange as well. While the shoe looks good off court, keep in mind that this is still a performance sneaker so it means that you can bring this on the blacktop for some quick runs with your friends. You can get them now at the adidas store in Trinoma for Php 7,500.

Nike Air Barrage is getting retroed

Nike will be bringing back another classic model that is technically not a basketball shoe. In fact, these was worn in by NFL athletes because Nike really wanted to make their stamp on every sport possible. The Nike Air Barrage is a 90's shoe and you can see how bulky it is. Different overlays and combinations of materials were used from leather, to suede, and mesh that gives the shoe different layers which was also a way to place different color blockings back in the day. The most recognizable parts here is the outsole tooling which is made up of a thick and durable rubber that looks like a molar tooth that spells out the word AIR and that midfoot strap. No official word yet when is the actual release date but it is labeled as QS or Quick Strike which means these are expected to drop in limited quantities.

I remember this shoe because this is the shoe that made me love hightop sneakers. In fact, this shoe is also responsible why I am fond of bulky, hightop shoes. It was back when I was in high school when my friend gave me this shoe because my shoes were ruined. Here in the Philippines, it didn't matter if you play ball in a cross-training shoe or some running shoes, or in this case, football shoes. As long as they provide you are comfortable with them to play hoops in, then no problem with that. So this would be my go-to basketball shoe for a good 2 years I guess. In fact, those shoes were even not my size, they are bigger so I have to wear those booties that kids use when they go rollerblading. That bootie occupied the extra dead space and made me enjoy playing ball with my friends. So should these reach here in the Philippines, I would consider copping them and even play in them for a short time (just hoping that my knees won't get mad at me, lol).