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BEST FOOT FORWARD: World Balance Scottie 1

  What's up guys! I was fortunate enough to be sent a pair of the World Balance Scottie 1 a.k.a. Scottie Thompson's first signature shoe. World Balance really made this shoe look and feel like a signature shoe. Just from looking at the box, there are lots of goodies to check out from the words written inside to describing Scottie's journey, as well as some photos to somewhat chronicle starting from way back up to his professional career. Speaking of professional career, you can find the NSD letters on the side of the box as well as Digos City's area code which is his hometown. Now for the main attraction, the shoes. The shoe looks very light and modern due to its material. The outer part of the upper is made from a synthetic material which may be comparable to a ripstop nylon fabric. Underneath is a knit material which is really conforms to your foot giving a sock-like fit. While it may be lightweight, there are ribbings on the knit material for structural support givin

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