And1 Size 'M Up

The Size 'm Up is another silhouette from And1 and boy, they're definitely on a roll again. Their 25th Anniversary do remind the consumers what this brand is all about because they once held a large amount of roster in the NBA players who wore their kicks on games. They brought Kevin Garnett once again which strengthens their claim and reputation in today's sneaker market. As for the shoe itself, the shoe is reminiscent of a 90's or early 2000's shoe which is bulky but ready to take on some battles in the hardwood or in the blacktop, which gave And1 a large boost in popularity back in the day. Leather build with synthetic upper materials gave the shoe the structure and durability that it needs while the EVA foam is a tried and tested foam cushion that gives that player adequate impact protection. Underneath is a solid rubber outsole which proves to be great for both indoor or outdoor use. I've spotted these 3 colorways at Royal Sporting House at the Ayala Malls 30th which retails for Php 2,995 and while the black/white and black/blue reminds me of those retro And1 color schemes, that black colorway with iridescent panels do give a modern vibe in my opinion. What do you think guys? You feelin' the return of And1 yet? I've seen somewhere in Instagram that they have a newly-opened store in China and man, it looks really good.

World Balance High Voltage

 Another World Balance basketball shoe is now available and they are calling it High Voltage. A low-cut performance shoe, it does look pretty plain in terms of silhouette so I took some time inspecting the shoe to understand why it is a performance model. It features a mesh upper with fuse materials being incorporated in the design of the upper in a form zigzag or "lightning" pattern. What it does is it protects the mesh material by providing some top layer protection (albeit not fully) but still keeping it light. This would be ideal for players who rely on quickness and speed like guards or wingmen. Cushioning is made up of EVA with TerraSoft Insole system. I tried it on and it feels low to the ground initially. If you love court feel, you will love this. World Balance tries to give you a responsive ride with this but is not willing to sacrifice support as well. On the lateral side of the midsole, it is subtle but in actuality, there is a TPU placed on it shaped as part of the midsole. It is there and it is has a somewhat glossy finish when compared to the actual midsole and you can see it evidently on the heel area where the midsole and the TPU meets. What this does it provides a somewhat seamless look of  support, as it acts like a frame to prevent from over extending your foot laterally on the footbed during quick cuts. This is what I think it is and while I haven't tried it yet in an actual game, I think it's a clever trick. Underneath is a solid rubber outsole, with multiple traction patterns like blade patterns in small segments (forefoot and heel area) and camo-like pattern in the midfoot which is more widely spaced (mid part). It is flat and looks okay for outdoor use as well. Two colorways are available now at World Balance stores near you and retails for Php 1,899.

adidas Pro Bounce Low PE Jaylen Brown

Celtics' player, Jaylen Brown gets some Pro Bounce 2018 Low PE to help carry the growing 3 stripes roster. Black textile upper with grey hits can be seen together with the green, white gold stripe branding on the lateral side of the shoe. I think it's kinda nice because the black color sets a good mood to highlight the green, white and gold or Celtics' dark colored theme jersey. The midfoot torsion plate has a metallic finish to it with the outsole having a light gum outsole which kinda looks like to the Boston hardwood floor. On the tongue where the player's logo can be seen, we see some initials that spell FCHPO which means, "Faith Consistency Hardwork Pays Off" Jaylen's mantra. I find the mantra nice and empowering since we all know that nothing beats hardwork, even talent. Just keep the faith, be consistent in working hard and everything will fall into place. The shoe retails for Php 5,800 which you can get at various adidas stores. This in-store images were taken at their Trinoma branch. Do you have any players from the adidas roster who deserve to get some PEs? Feel free to share your thoughts below the comment section (mine is Ricky Rubio of the Utah Jazz).

Jumpman Hustle

The Jumpman Hustle looks like the Jordan Why Not 0.1 with the shroud can be zipped down. However, the shape and the quick glance would be the only similarities that I could think of fast. This is priced a bit lower than the Why Not 0.1 because of its cushion setup being phylon foam carrier and a forefoot Zoom Air only. However, a forefoot Zoom Air could also be good if done properly and while I haven't tried them, I don't think that Jordan Brand make such a major deal-breaker on this shoe considering the price and especially now that every brand is showcasing what they can provide to the consumer. People nowadays a lot of option and if they think that it's not worth their money, they would looking elsewhere to satisfy their needs. Underneath is a herringbone-patterned outsole and depending on the colorway, you can get either a solid rubber or translucent one (with a small piece of solid rubber). Personally, I wish there could be more colorways or maybe some design on the upper perhaps just to make it not too bland. They were able to do it on the Why Not offering some colors or graphic designs on the upper. Or maybe since the price is kinda fair, why don't they release team colors, that would be nice too right? These are priced at Php 5,795 which you can get now at Titan stores, with these particular in-store images taken at their Vertis North branch.

And1 Tipoff

Another silhouette that was chosen to be a part of the 25th Anniversary collection is the And1 Tipoff. Synthetic leather upper was used in this model giving the shoe that 90's vibe. It isn't that heavy due to the upper materials but the texture is still okay if you ask me although not premium looking. But with a retail price of less than Php 3,000 you really can't be choosy. Cushioning is made up of their proprietary Durasping EVA (upon research). If you are familiar with their Xcelerate model, then that would be a nice example to recall. Underneath is a solid rubber with herringbone pattern arranged in a wave-like fashion. It looks aggressive so it would be a good option for outdoor use as well. I found this at Royal Sporting House Ayala Malls 30th but also available in other branches as well. 

adidas Pro Bounce 2018 Low Kyle Lowry PE

Kyle Lowry, another adidas athlete will get his own PE of the adidas Pro Bounce 2018 Low. Decked in black with grey and gold hits, this would fit perfectly well with one of the Toronto Raptors' dark jersey which has a black and gold color scheme. Black upper can be seen predominantly with white color on the 3 stripes. The midsole tooling where the Bounce foam is housed has a graphic design on it and it would be nice if they used a maple leaf design on it just for a more Canada theme to it (similar to Andrew Wiggins PE). The torsion plate is made up of metallic finish to match with the gold accents. A translucent rubber outsole was used to give more space for the graphic design underneath. On the tongue has Kyle Lowry's logo and I hope adidas give Kyle Lowry a better logo since I personally find it too plain. Lowry has been with them for quite some time providing a more solid performance in the guard position and I think it would only be fitting if they kinda give more perks by designing a better logo. You can get this PE version of Kyle Lowry's Pro Bounce 2018 Low at adidas stores now with this in-store images taken at their Trinoma branch and retails for Php 5,800.