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Best Foot Forward: World Balance Templar

  If you love World Balance Invictus, you will surely love these as well. Today, I will be talking about the World Balance Templar. So without further ado, let's go ahead and check out the shoe. I consider these the more "sporty" cousin of the Invictus just because they somewhat share some similarities and those similarities are what makes the Invictus and this a great shoe. I would say that the word "athleisure" would be the best category of this silhouette should you want to classify it. Let's start with the upper material which is made of a 1-piece knit. It feels stretchy and would allow some good amount to enter the shoe to keep your feet fresh. Wearing the shoe is very quick and easy because of the pull tab at the back of the ankle collar area and the collar itself stretches so you can slide your feet quickly. The upper itself is also soft and stretchy so to make the shoe more durable especially in the toe, a thin fuse panel was used just for some added

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