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#kixspotted Peak Flash 4.0 TaiChi

  The Peak Tai Chi is now on its fourth edition and I don't think it has any plans of slowing down. I mean, why would they when they struck gold with that Tai Chi cushioning offering great impact absorption. In fact, I will be releasing performance review on the shoe from Peak that offered Tai Chi cushioning. I think that model was the first one that they used Tai Chi foam. So in case you want to know more about that, I will be posting it this week here and at my YouTube channel so don't miss on it. Back to this shoe. The shoe itself sports a midcut profile. Made from a combination of textile and some synthetic leather panels, the shoe looks pretty straightforward. The paneling did add some design elements making the shoe not look too plain. You can also see some plastic or TPU materials on the heel area and on the midfoot to act as a torsion plate for stability and support. Where I think the shoe shine is on its cushioning which features Tai Chi foam on the midsole. Peak have

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