kixspotted: adidas Dame 5

Damian Lillard's fifth signature shoe just arrived yesterday and here's some detailed look that I took at the adidas store in Trinoma.

This release is somewhat special, as it is also a collaboration with contemporary artist Ren Zhe. It features a leather upper which is nice because this is an age where performance sneakers especially in basketball is made from textile upper predominantly. I think there will be general releases where it will be textile or mesh upper so those would want zero break-in time from the get-go might want to wait for a bit. But for the early birds out there, these would be an instant cop considering that this is also a special collaboration. For containment, they added a TPU piece on the lateral side of the midfoot which gives additional layer or containment. I find it kinda weird since it overlaps the usual 3 stripes branding on the side but you can still see it anyway. Bounce foam has been the staple in the Dame line starting with the Dame 2 so it isn't surprising to see them once again because it keeps a competitive price point against different brands. Underneath is a translucent rubber outsole with herringbone sections that covers front-back and side-side movements. You can get them now at adidas Trinoma for Php 6,000.

Air Jordan XXXIII University Red

An Air Jordan release won't be complete if we don't see any university red color blocking. This year, Air Jordan did something extra by giving off some lux touches with the upper. Mesh can still be see on the upper but there are panels where they added some good-looking leather textures which gives off that premium look. It might be too red some some, but for Air Jordan aficionados, this is a great colorway since Air Jordans will always be related to Michael Jordan's legacy with the Chicago Bulls. For tech specs, their "pulley" lacing system is still present which makes adjusting the shoe's fit quick as well as loosening them up. The large volume Zoom Air units in the forefoot and heel are also intact to give you great responsiveness. You can grab a pair now at Titan Vertis North for Php 9,895.

kixspotted: New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit

Here is a latest New Balance model from the Zante line. Check out the in-store footage of the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit.

The Zante line is one of those sought after silhouette from New Balance. Just a fun fact, some silhouettes of New Balance were taken from beaches (which is also there is a Boracay model). For this particular running shoe, it has a minimalist approach, as it removes unnecessary things in the shoe but still makes functional. Starting of with the upper, New Balance's Hypoknit is a textile material that has different areas where it gives stretch zones where you need your foot to flex while also having some tighter areas to provide support. Since running is more or less a linear movement, they were able to target these areas efficiently thus shaving off some weight. It is textile so breathability won't be an issue here. For cushioning, a full-length Fresh Foam was used which was laser etched to aid the user by giving the foam some compression space from the get go minimizing break-in time for the foam. The Zante is known to have been ideal for those who rely heavily on their forefoot, I'm sure a lot of you runners out there will appreciate this. Speaking of running, I think since this shoe has a minimalist setup, this might be ideal for runners who have neutral gait or even for casual running sessions. This might even be used for some circuit training as it provides good amount of impact protection and ground feel. These are available now for both mens and women size at Planet Sports Trinoma for Php 5,995.

Nike Adapt BB

So Nike made a follow up on their self-lacing sneaker and this time they made a basketball shoe with it. Calling it the Nike Adapt BB, textile upper was used to make the smoother transition in the material during the lace adjustment process. The cables are embedded underneath the upper so you won't see it exactly but it's there and it runs all the way across the heel to keep your foot locked into the shoe in the midfoot as well in the back area of the shoe. The silhouette has a minimal approach but it still does look techy. Adjusting the laces can be done through an app which you can download and also manually as there are buttons on the side on each pair so you can tighten or loosen the fit on each pair. I suggest you download the app just because it has some other cool features to it like being being able to tighten or loosen the fit, save your fit preference, change the colors of the light, etc. Cushioning is made up of a lightweight foam and while there aren't anything special in terms of cushioning, a standard foam can still be okay as well as it is executed well. Maybe since this is its introduction into basketball performance, they are in the stage where they want to showcase their lacing tech first. But who knows, maybe in the future we will see an upgrade in the cushion department as well. They are scheduled to release this February for $350 which is cheaper than the first introduction of the shoe which featured EARL which was around $700. Here are some photos as well as an exclusive unboxing video that I saw at Complex's YouTube channel.

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kixspotted adidas PureBounce Street

I've spotted another running silhouette from adidas last weekend so I took some in-store footage which you can check out below.

Going back to the shoe, it looks like it is built for runners who have neutral gait or even some circuit training. The build is minimal with just textile upper with some reflective material in case you wanna use them in runniing. There are some fuse panel in the laces, as well as an added structure in the laces found in the midfoot area to reduce any volume inside the shoe by keeping the midfoot area as close as possible. The pull tab found in the heel isn't entirely new but it helps you slide your foot inside the shoe easily. Bounce cushioning provides a responsive ride and the foam carrier feels soft and is forgiving so my bet is it will give an adequate amount of impact protection. The outsole is made up of solid rubber with a scale-like pattern. It is kinda thick although I'm not sure how will it perform if you keep on running in them on concrete surfaces on a regular basis for those who do some mile running everyday. But as I said, shoe itself is pretty light and the cushioning is pretty good so you can definitely use them in short training sessions in the gym or in the track. Two colorways are available now at adidas Trinoma for a retail price of Php 4,300. 

#kixspotted Jordan Why Not 0.2

The Jordan Why Not 0.2 just dropped this week and here are some in-store footage and pics that I got at Nike Park Trinoma.

I must say, that the overall look is different from the Why Not 0.1 which was Russell Westbrook's debut signature shoe. This time around, it looks like it's more influenced with some fashion shoes that have a sporty look to it. For me, it looks like one of those Nike collabs with Off-White designer Virgil Abloh in terms of layers or overlays which gives that deconstructed look. To be honest, I like it just because seeing a straight up one-piece uppers are starting to look boring because every brand has their own silhouette that have it. The overlays used here have functions aside from aesthetics so it isn't much of a bother like the overlays on the midfoot which also act as reinforcement structure on there. The upper is made up of textile of various materials and is kinda thick so durability wouldn't be much of a concern in the upper material. Last year's model features a full-length Zoom Air cushion which I love. This year, they went on a different route with a large-volume Zoom Air in the forefoot together with a nice phylon foam midsole. As long as the foam carrier isn't blocky then it would be nice since the midsole is decoupled (forefoot and midfoot is separated). There are TPU structures in the midfoot underneath in a form of a spring plate which isn't new to Jordan Brand as well as an extrnal heel counter. The outsole is made up of solid rubber and the traction pattern is different from last year which is basically herringbone. This time it is made up of semi-circles and I really don't have an idea how it would perform. In terms of aesthetics, I like the tag seen on the side which is a swatch of colors used on this particular colorway (Future History). Even the size placement is different from its usual location, as it is located underneath the heel area of the shoe. Overall it looks nice and very tempting to cop since I would like to maybe do a comparison with last year's model. These are out now at various Nike Park stores and retails for Php 6,295.