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#kixspotted adidas ADIFOM SLTN

  We have been seeing 90's inspired kicks and for us who group up in the 90's, we welcome them with open arms. I personally think that it was the golden age of sneakers since a lot of brands flourished around that time and whether we talk about in the lifestyle or performance category, every brand have a piece of that pie so to speak. So seeing this silhouette at the store shelf of adidas, it caught my attention because for some reason it remind me of the Ozweego or the Ozelia in terms of design which I think also carries that 90's or even early 2000 vibe. adidas is calling this the ADIFOM SLTN and honestly, I don't know what the SLTN stands for (if you know, then you can write it down on the comment section), but I am guessing that ADIFOM is what they are calling the foam. There are no clear indication of what the name of the foam is, so let's just call it as that for the moment. Also, I also read in some adidas website (IN) that it is also made from recycled mater

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