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#kixspotted World Balance Exoshell

  This sneaker from World Balance just dropped yesterday and I think that this is one of those models that I would consider great because of its looks. They are calling this the World Balance Exoshell, inspired by kicks from the 90's which I think is one of the best eras in sneaker history. Those were the days where brands pushed the envelop in terms of tech and style. Nowadays, the trend in street fashion is pointing towards the 90's again so this is a good chance for you to get into the 90's kicks vibe like different upper materials and panelings in the upper. The World Balance Exoshell features a combination of suede, leather, nylon, mesh and some holographic panels on the upper making it look sturdy and a bit bulky but still weighs reasonably okay. It's not a "built and feel like a tank" sneaker, but you still get that sturdy-looking shoe. As the name suggest, the Exoshell features a zipper enclosure and I think it looks good whether you rock them zipped o

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