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Best Foot Forward: adidas Crazy1

  As a basketball sneaker enthusiast, I made a list on shoes that I would cop when given a chance. Of course, there are different factors to consider like the price and availability. I am not really into spending too much on kicks as much as possible and that's why I made analykix in the first place. So getting a good deal for shoes is important. Another is availability and ease of purchase. I don't want to hassle myself in getting in line just to cop a shoe. That's why I tip my hat off to those people getting in line or camping out for a particular shoe release (even resellers). It's just not my thing. So when I saw this reseller called J&J Foot Hauz ( LINK HERE ) posted that they have the adidas Crazy1 on hand and below retail price, I told myself, this is my chance to own a pair. So here it is, my Best Foot Forward/initial impression on the adidas Crazy 1 a.k.a. "The Kobe. Watch the vid below or read my blog post to know more. First, the box. Just a regular

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