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#kixspotted Diadora Kurtis

  I've spotted some Diadora basketball kicks a while ago -- yes, Diadora basketball shoes. Imagine that? We are more familiar with running shoes and lifestyle kicks from Diadora (at least here in the Philippines) so seeing this (and a couple more models in the coming days), I decided to make a blog post and show you what they have to offer. They are calling this the Diadora Kurtis and honestly I do not know the inspiration behind the name. But the design of the shoe isn't bad right? I mean look at the shoe. It is a midtop build made from synthetic textile making the shoe light and also durable. I like how they were able to incorporate the logo of Diadora at the side as if it is part of the shoe design itself. The mesh tongue keeps your feet inside the shoe cool by allowing some heat to escape. The ankle collar is padded with a heel pull tab so you can insert your foot quickly inside the shoe. For cushion tech, nothing much but the foam that they used in the midsole is an inject

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