Performance Review: World Balance Buckets


For today's blog post, I will be reviewing the World Balance Buckets which I think could be another option if you are looking for a solid lowtop shoe which you can use both indoors and outdoors.

While I prefer mid or hightop shoes for ballin, I still find the World Balance Buckets fun to play because I felt secured while playing in them even though they are lows (more on that later). First, let's talk about the shoe's upper which I think is one of its main highlight. The WB Buckets' upper is made from textile for the most part which minimize the break-in time. Also, there are threads on the uppermost layer that feels like it is made from a TPU type of material -- maybe the threads are coated, I am not really quite sure but it has some "crunchy" feel to it. What it does is it makes the upper more durable from drags, scuffs, or those nasty things that ruin the shoe's upper. It also adds some aesthetic touch to it. I also started to get used to the colorway of the shoe. This beige color blocking isn't bad either because as you can see the midsole and outsole is more on the yellowish side in color giving a feel of a worn-out look which I like because I am not a huge fan or a super clean white shoe especially in basketball shoes. The tongue has a leather material on it and it doesn't "flap out" like the World Balance Cager, a noticeable feeling when you play in them. The length of the tongue is just right for a lowcut shoe also if I may add.

For the midsole, it shares the same platform as the World Balance Cager and some other shoes from World Balance that uses Trampolite foam. The foam is chunky but isn't too stiff or brick-like. In fact, it offers a good amount of impact protection together with the TerraSoft Insole System. The midsole is thick and wide which makes it very stable and because of this, the notion of playing in lows didn't bother me at all because I did not feel any instability. For sizing, I suggest you base it on your EUR size or better yet, try them in store to get the best fit because you don't want a sloppy fit in a shoe. There is a TPU heel clip for added stability which I think give that sense of security for those who are not into lowtops like me. The wide base and heel clip somewhat gives you that assurance that you'll be fine playing in them (of course, having the right shoe size). Finally, the solid rubber outsole makes the shoe ideal for both indoor and outdoor courts. The herringbone traction pattern is tried and tested. For an added touch, they even made it in a curved arrangement making it ideal for shifty players.

Tagged at Php 2,999 I think this is a good solid lowtop shoe even to those who are not a fan of playing in lowtop basketball shoes. The wide and stable midsole and outsole provides stability while the threads in the upper adds some durability to the shoe. You can get them at World Balance stores as well as online <HERE>.

textile upper

WB logo

leather tongue

rope laces

heel pulltab

TPU heel clip

Trampolite midsole with TerraSoft insole

solid rubber outsole with herringbone traction


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