Contact and FAQ is run by Pwlo (actually Paulo), a basketball and basketball shoe enthusiast. Reading a lot of reviews and watching WearTesters on Youtube (back when it was called kicksoncourt and people just referred to him as Nightwing2303), and the now-defunct kicksology channel inspired him to actually start reviewing the shoes he's able to buy locally. He knows how much these shoes cost, and that not everybody has a ton of cash to drop on random shoes every so often. Honest reviews are the way to go.

"Analykix" is an amalgam of "analysis" and "kicks." His primary objective is to analyze the shoe from a performance standpoint and describe how it performs, especially with the different technologies that they use nowadays. Different materials are being used today from the shoes' upper materials to the shoes' cushion, so testing them on court and giving the readers an idea how they would perform, that would be good. Educating people is cool.

For inquiries, questions on his reviews, sponsorships, and collab requests, you may email Pwlo/Paulo a.k.a. Analykix, via email:

He is also on social media, so you can send him messages there as well.





Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. Hope to see you around often!

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  1. i got an offer for you bro. will let you know once i get off from work

    1. Hi, you can reach me at my email Will wait for your email. Thanks.

    2. Alright. talk to you later. thanks


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