kixspotted: Vans Varix WC

The classic silhouettes of Vans may be a hit nowadays, where urban fashion is on its glory,  but you can't deny that these are also fire and could have a spot on top for this skating brand. Sure, it doesn't have that skate shoe look, and in fact has more of that lifestyle shoe look and shape, but the Varix WC still looks stylish on its own right in my opinion. The materials used here were a combination of textile, leather and suede making it durable and multi-dimensional in terms of textures especially the more colorful one. It is somewhat bulky because of the different layers, but not too much and in fact if you are thinking that the added weight of the materials would lower the comfort aspect, then worry not because they used their UltraCush Lite insole which adds comfort underneath. It doesn't leave the whole skate scene because of the cupped midsole construction and also underneath, you can see the traction pattern that we are all familiar with. In fact, I personally think that they even did that on purpose to pay respect to the rich culture that Vans brought to the sneaker world. You can check out the images below and I think this is one of those times where I am more partial towards the multi-colored version compared to the black colorway. You can grab them now at various Vans stores with a retail price of Php 6,998.


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