#kixspotted XTEP Lingren 1


Xtep Lingren 1 available at Toby's Sports The Block
Another brand that reached the Philippines shores is XTEP. More popularized by Jeremy Lin, the Chinese brand is more visible in the Philippine market thanks to Toby's Sports. One good thing about this is you can fit these shoes in stores or can have a more in-depth look at them physically since Toby's Sports is one of those retail sports stores that are in almost every major mall here in Philippines. Aside from that, they also have an online store so in case logistics might pose an issue, Toby's got you. Here is an example of a shoe from XTEP, the Lingren 1.

Sporting a high-top build, the Lingren 1 utilizes modern materials built for today's game. A woven upper with some synthetic materials can be seen making the shoe light and reduce its break-in time. The ankle collar is padded enough to give those who favor playing in high tops a peace of mind. You can also see a pull tab in the heel area as well as on the tongue for a more easier access. For cushioning, an ETPU based foam which they are calling as XTEP Ace provides good amount of energy return. This base material is already being used by other brands as well, so we can say that XTEP isn't pulling any punches here and in fact it is as if they want to go toe-to-toe with the big players in the sneaker market by offering shoe with this kind of tech at a more affordable price point. Since this is a Chinese brand, you can be sure that it is outdoor friendly since basketball courts in Asia like China and the Philippines consists of indoor and outdoor courts with the latter being more prevalent. The solid rubber outsole has thick grooves making the life span of the outsole longer. For support, there are several pieces that are present here like the reinforcements in the laces, TPU on the side walls laterally and a TPU midfoot shank. Priced at Php 4,595 you might want to consider these especially if you are in the mood to try out new brands and for those who are more open-minded and ready to explore what other brands in the footwear market has to offer. These kicks are available at Toby's Sports SM North The Block and I am pretty sure can also be seen at other Toby's stores and their online store.

made from synthetic and textile woven upper

high ankle collar with heel pull tab

Xtep Ace foam for cushioning

solid rubber outsole with thick herringbone pattern


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