Best Foot Forward: adidas Crazy1


adidas Crazy1

As a basketball sneaker enthusiast, I made a list on shoes that I would cop when given a chance. Of course, there are different factors to consider like the price and availability. I am not really into spending too much on kicks as much as possible and that's why I made analykix in the first place. So getting a good deal for shoes is important. Another is availability and ease of purchase. I don't want to hassle myself in getting in line just to cop a shoe. That's why I tip my hat off to those people getting in line or camping out for a particular shoe release (even resellers). It's just not my thing. So when I saw this reseller called J&J Foot Hauz (LINK HERE) posted that they have the adidas Crazy1 on hand and below retail price, I told myself, this is my chance to own a pair. So here it is, my Best Foot Forward/initial impression on the adidas Crazy 1 a.k.a. "The Kobe. Watch the vid below or read my blog post to know more.

First, the box. Just a regular box. Just your usual adidas performance box and paper. I don't have any complaints about it, as I am more interested on what's inside. Just a side note, Kobe used to wear adidas during the early part of his NBA career. In fact, he was given signature kicks and this is one of them. Inspired by the Audi TT, I can still remember this way back when it first released. I am fascinated by it's look (kinda futuristic at that time). It is bulky and looks like a tank and I like the look of bulky kicks back in the day. It is made from synthetic foam based upper which makes it heavy and bulky. There is a shell toe design element which is a call back to the adidas Superstar (a classic adidas silhouette) as they were playing with the idea of being the "future" of hoops shoe. Crease will develop particularly on the flex area of the upper, so unless you walk like a robot, this shoe will crease. The 3 stripes branding can be seen on the side panels as well as on the heel counter and on the tongue. For cushioning, EVA foam was used and back in the day when they first released, I think they used adiprene as well. When you look at the adidas website, they didn't mention the use of adiprene, and it doesn't feel like there is adiprene. The foam is a bit forgiving and it doesn't too brick-like compared to its look. To be honest, I am on the fence whether or not I will do a proper performance review on this. Maybe I'll try to use them first and maybe decide later on if the materials and foam will soften a bit. Underneath, there is adidas' Torsion system which is a TPU plate to help prevent any unwanted midfoot flexing. Well, just from the look of the shoe, I can easily tell that midfoot flexing wouldn't be an issue here. (LOL) The outsole is made from solid rubber and I am not really sure, but I think back then, the herringbone traction pattern in these were arranged in such a way that it is thin on the forefoot and thickens when you reach the heel area. Anyway, it is still herringbone and I have high hopes with the traction on these.

The shoe is still available at adidas stores and online, so in case you want to cop a pair, then the shoe retails for Php 8,000 to Php 8,500 depending on the colorway. But if you want to get a good deal, then check out J&J Foot Hauz. They sell legit kicks in case you are wondering and transacting with them is easy. For more in-depth look, check out the images below. 

adidas performance box

no tech card inside the box just regular paper

synthetic foam based upper creases easily

shell toe design language homage to adidas Superstar

TPU heel counter

EVA foam midsole

torsion system in midfoot

solid rubber outsole with herringbone pattern


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