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Best Foot Forward: Air Max 90 "USA-inspired" colorway

  QUICK STORY: My friend asked me if I could help him in looking for some Air Max 90 that you can easily rock with almost any casual clothes. However, he doesn't want to spend too much on hype colorways or specifically the OG colorways since he has an idea that those colorways were hard to find and some resellers would ask for a price that would be too much for him. So we checked out some Facebook groups where people are selling some Air Max 90s and fortunately we were able find one and this colorway suits his taste. We even got it for a good price, and most importantly, it is legit. The good thing about joining Facebook sneaker groups is that some members know how to legit check the product and even vouch for certain sellers reputation for selling authentic products. So we got his pair and to show his appreciation, he told me that if I want to do a quick review on the shoe. Of course, I told him I want to. So here it is, a Team USA-Inspired colorway of the Nike Air Max 90. Like I

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