#kixspotted Anta KT Light Cavalry 9


Anta KT Light Cavalry 9
Anta's KT line continues to grow with this silhouette called the Anta KT Light Cavalry 9 (that's a long name). Catered towards the more budget-friendly price range, the KT Light Cavalry 9 has all things that you need for a solid basketball shoe under the Anta brand. The lightweight upper made from mesh keeps break-in time minimum and you can obviously see that breathability won't be an issue as well. From the upper even to the tongue, good amount of airflow can be achieved. You can also see underneath the mesh upper the different structures placed on the laces to give you a more secured fit. For sizing, I suggest you get your EUR size in case you decide to purchase them online. However, these are readily available in various Anta stores so you can also try them as well. The shoe is on the narrow side so should you decide to fit and purchase them, maybe try to wear some socks that you use for basketball just to be sure to get the right fit. For cushioning, Anta's A-FlashEdge was used here. Anta has a wide range of foam cushions and this EVA-based foam is sufficient enough to give you some impact protection especially if you play mostly outdoors. Speaking of outdoors, the solid rubber outsole could also last quite some time since Anta is also known to have durable rubber outsole. Available in numerous colorways, the Anta KT Light Cavalry 9 retails for Php 3,995 which you can get now at Anta store in Trinoma.

Anta KT Light Cavalry 9 blue yellow

mesh upper

Anta logo used as midfoot support cage

tongue and heel pulltab

KT logo heel area

A-FlashEdge foam cushion

solid rubber outsole

Anta KT Light Cavalry 9 black

Anta KT Light Cavalry 9 green

Anta KT Light Cavalry 9 peach

Anta KT Light Cavalry 9 white


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