#kixspotted Lebron Witness 8


Nike Lebron Witness 8
The Lebron Witness line is one of those more budget friendly Lebron shoe and is more or less a staple in the Asian region, as it offers a more durable outsole and a stable cushion which is both good indoors and outdoors. Now on its 8th run, you can tell that Nike is playing safe with the Witness line by using similar toolings for consecutive years so they the people who are actually wearing will more or less have little to no time adjusting and of course keeping the pricepoint as low as possible. Textile for the most part just to keep things light as possible which has very little break in time if you ask me. The build is pretty basic but the materials are what makes it great for playing in my opinion, as if Nike wanted to give us a great on-court performer without spending too much. For aesthetics, you can see the swoosh branding on the lateral side while Lebron's lion logo can be seen on the medial part as well as on the tongue. You can also see a mini lateral outrigger with the shape of a crown which is made from solid rubber. For tech, some dynamic lacing system can be found on the forefoot area to add containment.  Also, an Air Max bag can be seen at the heel part of the shoe while a thick rubber can be seen underneath which I think meakes this shoe versatile for both indoor and outdoor use. These are available at Sports Central SM The Block with different colorways for Php 5,495 but check them often as these can be on the shelf rack most of the time for a more bang-for-your-buck deal.

Lebron's lion logo on the tongue

mesh upper material of the Nike Lebron Witness 8

dynamic lacing system found on lebron witness 8

lateral outrigger is shaped like a crown

nike branding found on the lateral side of the lebron witness 8

Lebron Witness 8 Air Max heel cushion

Lebron Witness 8 medial view with lion logo

lebron witness 8 has solid rubber outsole with wavy pattern


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