#kixspotted Timberland 50th anniversary


Would you believe that Timberland is on its 50th year? I came across the brand way back in the 90s as it was synonymous with the hip-hop culture. If you love hip-hop back then, chances are you know or came across this brand. That time, it was all about baggy jeans and Timbs was a popular choice for kicks (and maybe some sneakers). But if we are talking about boots back then, then this is arguably on top of the list. Now, we get to see them shine again as they celebrate their 50 years. So this is their Premium boots that we are talking about that's been decked in different colors in a somewhat monochromatic fashion (except the outsole).That premium Timberland leather that we are all familiar with is still present and of course it is waterproof due to its seam sealed construction. The colors are really an eye candy and would really catch your attention if you see someone rocking them. Don't worry though, not all colors are loud. They also have a grey color and the usual yellow shade that we are very familiar with for a more rugged look. But you really can't deny that the move vibrant colors are the ones that would really be worth copping to celebrate the brand's 50th year in the shoe game. It also comes with a hang tag that is also monochromatic with "50" on it for added touch. Aside from this, there's also an apparel that you would want to check out in case you want something to complete your fit. The boots retails for Php 14,299 which you can get at Timberland store in SM Annex in North Edsa.

I really dig that grey and of course that yellow color since I think it is easy to pair them with a good pair of pants. How about you, what's your favorite color from the choices below? Write them down in the comment section. 


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