#kixspotted Converse Dia De Muertos


Converse Dia De Muertos at SM The Block
Halloween may be over but you can still cop the Converse X Dia De Muertos shoe collection at Converse SM The Block. I've spotted 2 silhouettes there which is the All Star Lift and Run Star Legacy, however, there are other models that were tapped for this collection which would probably be available online just in case. For the Converse All Star Lift, it is made from a white canvas upper with some colored stitching and embroidery which I think is nice. It isn't too decorative but just enough to showcase the collection. On the elevated midsole, you can see some design patterns which is nice and you gotta give props to converse because for a collection like this, they still did not skimp out on the midsole tooling by putting some designs there which would cost more since you have to put it on the actual mold since it is somewhat engraved there. This is also the case with the Run Star Legacy's midsole tooling. That pattern is also present there although it is less noticeable but still there nonetheless. For cushioning, the Run Star Legacy has a CX foam in the midsole which adds another layer of comfort. The upper of the Run Star legacy is made from brown canvass with subtle prints which you cannot notice from afar but if you look at it closely you will see it as the print is kinda transparent and the brown canvas upper makes it more less noticeable but the design is is printed all over the upper. For pricing, the Converse All Star Lift retails for Php 5,290 and Run Star Legacy is priced at Php 6,490. 

All Star Lift X Dia De Muertos

All Star lift features a white canvas upper

medial view of All Star Lift Dia De Muertos

All Star Lift elevated midsole

heel embroidery All Star Lift

regular Converse outsole

Run Star Legacy Dia De Muertos

canvas upper material of Run Star Legacy

subtle Dia De Muertos prints on the upper

chunky midsole of the Run Star Legacy made from CX Foam

heel design of Run Star Legacy

outsole of Run Star Legacy


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