#kixspotted Anta Attack 5 STG Cement Killer


I've spotted this shoe at the Anta store and to be honest it's really hard to keep up with the shoe model's name nowadays. For Anta, they have a wide variety of basketball lines. And often times, there are different versions of the model, then there is also the name of the colorway. So it really helps if the store staff would know the model name. But if not, then you have to do some searching on the net to get an accurate name. This is one example where the store staff just told me that it is a "Shock the Game" shoe. The problem is the Shock the Game series is very wide and while it she is correct to point out that it is a Shock the Game, I personally think that it would be helpful to the consumer if they would know the exact name of the shoe. Anyway, after doing some research, I found out that this shoe is called the Anta Attack 5 STG Cement Killer and I think this is a great outdoor option for hooping.

It has a synthetic upper build which makes the shoe light. It does sport a mid to highcut profile and kinda looks bulky. But since the upper is made from synthetic material, the weight of the shoe wouldn't be bothersome. Fuse panels can be seen on high-wear areas and some TPU pieces can be found on the shoe to provide durability as well like the Anta logo on the toe area, as it is placed on a the toebox where toe drags usually occur. Speaking of support, there is also a large TPU heel counter at the back which helps you to be more stable on the ankle and heel area especially when you get your right size. The shoe's cushioning is made from a full-length A-FlashFoam and you can also see the Shock the Game branding on the medial side of the midsole. The A-FlashFoam is one of Anta's premium cushioning and offers a good amount of impact protection and rebound. Underneath, there is a TPU torsion plate on the midfoot area and a solid rubber outsole and just like the name of the shoe suggest, it has a very aggressive traction pattern which I think is great for outdoor use. There are different colorways available now which you can get at Anta Glorietta as well as other Anta stores with a retail price of Php 3,995.

synthetic upper

logo made from TPU to help with durability

STG branding on the tongue

TPU heel counter

pull tab on the heel area


solid rubber outsole


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