#kixspotted World Balance Hustleman shoe collection


Hustleman featuring Hardwork, Discipline, and Faith models
The World Balance Hustleman collection dropped last weekend and I was able to take some photos of the 3 models namely the WB Hardwork, WB Discipline, WB Faith which is also Scottie's mantra that were written on the World Balance ST1. Also, this is a great way to branch out Scottie's basketball since this could be a more viable option particularly for those who want to have a Scottie shoe but on a tighter budget. So let's check out these shoes and what what they have to offer.

First is the Hardwork silhouette which is quite similar to the WB Assertive which I did a blog post a few days ago. It is made from synthetic leather, textile, and fuse upper which World Balance calls Hotmelt. I love the Hustleman branding on the heel area. The cushion is made from EVA with Terra Soft Insole System and just like the Assertive, it feels plush. There is a TPU forefoot cage to provide stability and I personally feel this is the one that I am leaning the most among the three models (particularly the black colorway). Next is the World Balance Discipline which I think is the most closest to the ST in terms of the material. It is made from knit upper underneath and on the top layer is a rip-stop like material like the ones found on the ST1. There are some Hotmelt or fuse panels also for extra durability with the ankle and heel area having synthetic leather materials for more structure. The Hustleman branding can be found on the tongue area although it is not really a traditional tongue since it has a bootie construction. It has an EVA foam cushioning with Terra Soft Insole System and a solid rubber outsole. Two colors are available and for the Discipline, I will prefer the black/red colorway since the white rip-stop material tends to yellow a bit so the dark colorway would be my choice. Lastly is the Faith colorway which is made from a synthetic textile material. It has a monochromatic color blocking and comes in 2 color options: mint and red colorways. It is also lightweight just like the 2 other silhouettes but this one has a more modern build with just synthetic textile. No other paneling was used which makes it clean. The pattern of the textile upper makes it not too bland and of course the monochromatic color scheme is really nice which I think could easily pass as a lifestyle shoe as well. The midsole/outsole tooling is similar to the Discipline model but this time it has a translucent outsole. For those who are itching for the ST1 Alab colorway which is an all-red colorway, I think this would be a good option too. While it is not really an "ST1" shoe, it is still a Scottie shoe nonetheless. For the Faith silhouette, I like the mint more because that mint color is refreshing to me.

For pricing, the WB Hardwork and WB Faith silhouette retails for Php 2,899 while the WB Discipline is tagged at Php 2,999 which is now available at World Balance Trinoma and other World Balance branches and online.

World Balance Hustleman Hardwork silhouette

Hustleman Hardwork upper material

Hustleman Hardwork ankle collar

Hustleman Hardwork heel branding

Hustleman Hardwork rubber outsole

Hustleman Hardwork black colorway

Hustleman Hardwork upper black colorway

Hustleman Discipline white colorway

Hustleman Discipline upper white colorway

Hustleman Discipline upper black colorway

Hustleman Discipline collar black colorway

Hustleman Discipline tongue black colorway

Hustleman Faith mint colorway

Hustleman Faith upper

Hustleman Faith tongue

Hustleman Faith collar

Hustleman Faith midsole

Hustleman Faith heel pull tab

Hustleman Faith outsole

Hustleman Faith red colorway

Hustleman Faith upper red colorway


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