#kixspotted World Balance Assertive


World Balance Assertive

Check out these new basketball silhouettes from World Balance. Dubbed as Assertive. I think that this could be a good performer on court from the looks of it. Mesh material takes care of the upper and while the mesh itself offers good amount of air flow, the layer underneath also has bigger cut outs which offers more ventilation. Also, the shoe feels lightweight sporting that midcut profile of the shoe. The upper does not feel too flimsy since there's some fuse panels that World Balance calls Hotmelt. You can locate them on high-wear areas like the laces, heel and on the toe area.  For cushioning, Terra Soft Insole System can be found inside the footbed, while the foam midsole feels like it is made from Trampolite foam. However, I really can't confirm this yet because there is no write up yet on World Balance's website. If it isn't Trampolite, that EVA foam blend is soft that it has some bounce to it. On the lateral side of the forefoot area, there is a TPU cage that aids with support since as I said earlier, the foam midsole is soft and bouncy so placing that TPU cage right there really helps. Underneath is a solid rubber outsole with herringbone traction pattern for the most part of. Overall, I think this could be a good performer on court which is also very affordable retailing at just Php 2,899 and comes in 2 colorways, black and white based which you can get now at WB Trinoma.


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