#kixspotted adidas Dame 8 EXTPLY


Dame shocked the NBA a couple of weeks ago when he moved to the Milwaukee bucks as a part of a 3-way trade. So an obvious question that his fans, particularly fans of his sneaker line would be, "Will we get to see a Bucks colorway for the Dame line?" While we are not sure of it yet, we can still check out these colorways that I've spotted at adidas Trinoma. The Dame 8 EXTPLY is like a modified version of the regular Dame 8. The most noticeable change was particularly the additional of a forefoot strap, but overall I would say that it is pretty much the same. For a quick rundown, you will get a textile upper with some fuse panels on toe area. As I said earlier, you also have the forefoot strap which could offer a more snug fit particularly in the forefoot area. There is also reinforcement in the lacing system which is made from TPU. It is only like another eyelet on the midfoot part, but it draws the laces a bit farther than the eyelets which in turn give you a secured fit on that zone. Another design feature is that 3 stripes branding on the side arranged vertically. It kinda reminded me of the John Wall shoe that I reviewed years back. I like this look actually, it is not a forced look which I find nice. Achilles notch can be found at the back with a heel pull tab where you can find the Dame logo. For cushioning, Bounce Pro which is a more foamy version of Bounce. I love Bounce foam from adidas and I think I will enjoy these also because I sometimes prefer a more impact protection nowadays. The outsole is also the same which is a combination of wavy pattern with some lightning pattern on the outer part. The midsole and outsole are almost identical, so if you enjoyed playing on the Dame 8 particularly on the cushioning and outsole department, then there is a big chance that you will probably love these as well.  I've spotted these 3 colorways at the adidas store in Trinoma and retails for 7,300.

forefoot strap

3 stripes branding on ankle area

Bounce Pro cushion

heel pull tab with Dame logo

additional lacing reinforcement

medial view

achilles notch with pull tab

combination of wave bone and lightning traction pattern

white based colorway

neon colorway


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