Peak TaiChi Flash Underground Performance Review


While the shoe model itself released a long time ago, I decided to make a video of this just because I wanted to give equal opportunities to brands to showcase their products on what they have to offer. For the Chinese basketball shoe brands who are easy to acquire here in the Philippines (I can name 3 on top of my head quickly), the prices on their kicks for basketball ranges from P4k to P8k -- and even more. This makes the potential buyers really think if their next shoe purchase would be a good based on their preference. For Peak specifically, they have a lot of basketball models from different lines, each offering different techs and features and the TaiChi foam is one of them. For those who want to try the TaiChi foam from Peak, then this video is for you. The performance review of the Peak TaiChi Flash Underground.

The shoe is looks like a low but it is definitely a mid since the ankle collar is raise up a bit. While the shape of the shoe is somewhat simple but it all has the bells and whistles to be a great basketball shoe. The upper is made up of a combination of mesh and textile materials which makes it still light. It is not the lightest shoe out there but it is not heavy or blocky. There is a fuse panel on the toe area where the Peak logo is located to protect the shoe from toe drags. The colorway for this shoe draws inspiration from Lou Williams when he was with the Clippers, hence the red, blue, and white color blocking. There are also design elements that pertains to Lou Williams like the number 23 on the lace and a chibi character of Lou and his signature which you can find across the top of both shoe. Sometimes it makes me wonder why Peak did not gave Lou Williams his own official signature shoe since he was rocking the brand for a long time.

For the cushion, full-length TaiChi foam was used and I think this is one of the earlier basketball models that used TaiChi foam. It favors great energy return, so if you are the type of player who favors cushion, this might be a great choice from Peak. I personally favor cushioning as my top priority so I really enjoyed playing in these. In fact, I use this shoe on court when playing for long hours. For support, there are many so let's try to enumerate. First is the dynamic lacing system which helps you synch up the laces even more. There is a TPU piece on the lateral part that also serves as a lateral outrigger. Not only that, but a TPU heel counter and torsion plate can also be seen underneath for midfoot support. Inside the collar, there are foam padding on the Achilles area to minimize irritation and hug that area in place. For sizing, I suggest you get your EUR size just to be sure since you cannot really find this model in physical stores anymore since it's a relatively old model. But you can find this online at Shopee and Lazada. For the outsole, it is mostly solid rubber with a combination of herringbone and coral pattern which I would say is fairly durable since I was able to wear them both indoor and outdoor courts.

For a retail price of Php 4,000 I would say this is a great option if you have no idea how comfortable TaiChi foam is for basketball and you don't want to spend too much on getting the recent models which are usually priced at P5k to P6k or even more. Not only you get to enjoy a full length TaiChi foam, but you get also a supportive and stylish shoe.

fuse panel of red and blue to prevent toe drags
Fuse Panel on toe area

uses dynamic lacing system for better fit
dynamic lacing

various Lou Williams design elements like chibi character and jersey number
Lou Williams designs

full-length TaiChi cushion was used for this model
TaiChi cushion

TPU piece also act as lateral outrigger
lateral outrigger

TPU heel counter
heel counter

TPU shank plate in the midfoot for torsional support
midfoot shank plate

combination of herringbone and coral design traction pattern
rubber outsole

Peak TaiChi Flash Underground


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