#kixspotted World Balance Venturi


World Balance Venturi in grey and black colorway
World Balance Venturi
We have first seen World Balance's latest cushion tech, the Spring Foam on the Invictus silhouette specifically the MGLE colorway then on the NeoBasics. Now, we get to see it on a new lifestyle silhouette and it is called the Venturi. I have seen them now in stores and was able to get some shots on the shoe itself and on the box which we will also talk about. So here it is, our kixspotted feature on the World Balance Venturi.

So let's start with the first thing that you will see when you first purchase the shoe itself -- the box. Well the box is different because it is not the standard lifestyle shoe of World Balance in terms of the design. This time around, they are really flaunting the tech that is inside the shoe which is their Spring Foam. This is a great move by World Balance because I as a consumer would really want to know if the money that I spent on this shoe is really worth it. There are written texts written under the lid and on the side of the box describing the comfort experience with regards to the cushioning. They haven't done this on the boxes of the MGLE or in the NeoBasics, but they released some marketing vids on their social media pages about how comfortable the foam is. So covering all points where they can promote their latest tech, specially since it really delivers on the comfort aspect is always welcome. Job well done, World Balance.

For the actual silhouette itself, it is a slip-on shoe which means there are no laces nor a traditional tongue. What you get is a slim profile shoe which is made from knit upper to give you a sock-like fit. Wearing the shoe will be easy thanks to the pull tab in the heel area. Just slide your foot inside the shoe, pull the tab, and adjust the fit accordingly. To get the best fit, I suggest you get your EUR size counterpart in your shoes or better yet try them in stores since they are already available. There are World Balance brandings which you can find on the top of the supposedly tongue area and on the lateral side of the ankle area. The upper material isn't too thin but still light and gives off that sock-like feel. There are some paddings in the ankle collar area so the fit isn't sloppy. For cushioning, Spring Foam can be seen on the midsole and as I've said on my review on the Invictus NeoBasic, this is my favorite cushion source from World Balance's lifestyle line to date. It is light and very comfortable underfoot, so that Spring Foam combined with their Bounce Pad Insole System works really well. I've tried the shoe in store and yes, they feel the same. But for Venturi, I find the overall ride more lighter due to the fact that underneath there is minimal solid rubber outsole. Sure the Spring Foam has some carvings underneath to act as some sort of outsole, but the rubber outsoles can be found just one the outer parts of the outsole. To visualize them more clearly, you can just check out the images below so you get to have a better idea. I think this might be a good lifestyle shoe. You can use them for some physical activities if you want, but I would suggest just for light jogging or walking or even some floor exercises like dance or Zumba or somewhere along those lines. The best thing about the shoe also is the price. All those bells and whistles that I've mentioned above would only cost you Php 2,299 which in my opinion is a good pricepoint. They come in 2 color options and while I prefer dark-based colorway most of the time, I think I would get the light one should I decide to cop a pair. If you like to add the Venturi to your sneaker rotation, then head over at World Balance Trinoma and other WB stores and online to get yourself a pair.

Venturi grey knit upper
knit upper

WB Venturi grey colorway

simple World Balance branding on the tongue
WB branding

stretchy ankle collar area

heel pull tab
pull tab

Spring Foam cushion with Bounce Pad Insole System
Spring Foam

solid rubber are segmented and cover the outer portion of outsole

WB Venturi black colorway
black colorway

stretchable ankle collar

black knit upper hides the dirt from the shoe

new box packaging for World Balance
new box design

Spring Foam tech promoted inside the box


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