#kixspotted World Balance Nimbus


World Balance Nimbus
I've spotted these kicks from World Balance and I immediately got my cam and snapped some photos of it to post here. Dubbed as World Balance Nimbus, the shoe really grabs your attention especially if you are a sneakerhead because of how it looks. It has that dad shoe vibes but beefed up because of its shape. While it is made from synthetic leather and nylon for the most part, you really can't feel it to be too bulky or clunky upon initial try on. The paneling from the synthetic leather is just right and really goes well with the nylon mesh. For cushion, you get your EVA from forefoot to heel with an addition of Bubble Tech at the heel area. The bag of the Bubble Tech is very noticeable with the bubble being soft. In case, you don't know yet, the Bubble Tech is a bit different from your average air bags since this has more of a support function first then comfort second. For comfort, you will get them mostly from the EVA foam and t Bounce Pad Insole System. Lastly you can see a solid rubber outsole with just small nubs as its traction pattern. It will pass as a lifestyle shoe but since the nubs are not too thick, expect them to grind down over time. The World Balance  Nimbus also comes in white-based colorway and I think the colored one would be a no-brainer choice for me because that's the colorway that caught my attention in the first place. However, I also think the white-based colorway isn't too bad because it really looks clean and that small colored accents really just pop nicely. The shoe retails for Php 2,799 at World Balance Trinoma and other WB stores.

synthetic leather and nylon mesh upper
leather and mesh upper

EVA foam midsole with Bounce Pad Insole System

Bubble Tech at the heel area
Bubble Tech

solid rubber outsole with nubs as traction pattern

World Balance Nimbus white colorway

the grey accents are a nice touch to the white upper


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