#kixspotted Puma X Spongebob

Spongebob collab with Puma using the Future Rider silhouette
Puma Future Rider
Have you seen the Puma X Spongebob collab? I've spotted them at the Puma store in Trinoma wherein 2 models were having some Spongebob themes. First is the Puma Future Rider which has that old-school, 80's shoe vibe. The materials were made from leather and nylon for the most part. For me, this is better design execution between this and the other model. The TPU piece on the heel part with Spongebob peeking looks really nice. You can see also his "spots" printed on the upper. Also, the tongue of the shoe is made from fabric similar to a towel with a patch of Spongebob's face on it.

The other model is the Puma Slipstream INVDR which is made from leather with a small piece of suede on the heel area. A transparent TPU panel can be seen that was used as the Puma logo on the side. Just like the Future Rider, the same treatment was done on the tongue. The spots are also present on the upper which can be seen on the toe area. At the heel, you can see Spongebob's face printed and it's really nice to see that Puma did the execution with the design very well and not just releasing a "meh" collab. So if you want to get your hands on them, then I suggest visiting the Puma store in Trinoma. The Puma Future Rider retails for Php 5,790 while Puma Slipstream INVDR for Php 6,790.

combination of nylon and suede upper
upper material

Puma classic logo on the side
Puma classic logo

Spongebob on the tongue with a towel like material
Spongebob on the tongue

Spongebob's eyes peeking on the TPU piece
Hi Spongebob!

suede heel counter with Puma logo
Puma logo on the heel

retro outsole of the Puma Future Rider

another Spongebob collab featuring the Slipstream INVDR silhouette
Puma Slipstream INVDR

leather upper with Spongebob design elements
leather upper

Puma branding made from transparent TPU
transparent Puma branding 

Spongebob's face on the tongue with a towel-like material
tongue design

face of Spongebob printed on the heel
heel design

medial view of Puma Slipstream INVDR
medial view

gum outsole of Puma Slipstream INVDR
gum outsole


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