#kixspotted Anta X Smiley


Anta lifestyle shoe and Smiley collab
Check out this collaboration between Anta and Smiley. The Smiley is a popular brand that is why we get to see different brands do collabs with them. For this particular collab with Anta, there are 2 silhouettes that were chosen to represent both brands. One is a lifestyle shoe and the other one is a running shoe. I am not really sure the name of this particular model, but this lifestyle shoe is called Basketball Culture. Honestly, this is my favorite among the two just because on the simple execution of the design -- simple but effective. My favorite is the playful design element by putting the Smiley face written on top of the Anta logo as if though it was written using a pen marker. There is also the Smiley Word text written on the side of the outsole and the very cute lace jewel or "trinket" that you see nowadays in clogs. It is a silver lace jewel of 3 Smiley faces.  The upper is made up of a combination of leather for the most part with some nylon mesh. Also, that translucent yellow outsole is very nice. You really can't go wrong with a yellow translucent outsole because basically it is already yellow so any type of oxidation from the translucent rubber won't be very noticeable.

For the running shoe, I do not know the exact name of the silhouette but it looks sporty and not too tech heavy if I may add. I really can't find anything on the web about it so let's just describe the obvious things that are on the images below. Its upper is made from a combination of synthetic suede and some ripstop like material. It does feel light so for casual use, this would be a good choice. This time around, various Smiley theme designs are printed on the suede panel and on the overlay located on the ankle and heel area. You really can't miss these design prints to be honest, as they are printed well on the upper. The laces also has that lace jewel or trinket and speaking of laces, it is double sided having black and white color as shown in the images. The shoe is light and has some perforations for some airflow which is very fitting for the shoe since it has a sporty vibe. Lastly, the outsole is also made from yellow translucent rubber with the traction pattern made from letter "A" patterns.

If you are digging these Anta X Smiley collab kicks, then you can get them at the Anta store in SM Annex in North Edsa with the Anta Basketball Culture (lifestyle shoe) retails for Php 4,995 while the running shoe retails for Php 4,595.

Smiley logo drawn like a sharpie on top of Anta logo
fun integration of the Smiley logo on the Anta logo

thick cuts of leather giving the upper a premium look
leather upper

Smiley lace jewel or trinket which is popular nowadays
Smiley lace jewel

combination of leather and mesh in the upper
medial view 

yellow translucent outsole
translucent outsole

Anta X Smiley running shoe

text on the midsole that says Smiley World
Smiley World text 

flat laces with double-sided color black and white
double-sided laces

graphic prints of Smiley on the ankle collar area
graphic prints on upper

suede heel panel with Smiley prints
Smiley prints on heel

upper material is made up of synthetic suede and ripstop nylon
perforation on the medial side

clear yellow outsole with letter A traction pattern
clear yellow outsole



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