#kixspotted adidas Crazy Infinity


adidas Crazy Infinity

I think this might be the closest thing that we can get our hands on the adidas Kobe as of the moment. The Crazy Infinity shares some of the design language on the Kobe 2 particularly its shape and how it is built like a tank. I think that I am one of those few that also admire the look of the adidas Kobe 2 when they first came out in the early 2000. So if you want to get some sort of flashback on the adidas Kobe 2s then maybe this might be a good way to satisfy your needs for the time being.

That foam upper really makes the bulk (figuratively speaking) part of the shoe. It is also the reason why it looked like a tank and heavy in the first place. Really huge props for Kobe for being able to play in these as well as those athletes who rocked them on the court. Ventilation will never its strong side but that trapped heat will help in making the shoe somewhat mold to your foot. The zipper enclosure is also what made the shoe attracting to me. There's also laces underneath the zipper shroud which makes it more cumbersome to wear I guess. But I really don't think that most people will buy these to pay ball in them. If you are one of those guys, a tip of my hat to you. Much respect to you. The toe cap I would say is loosely inspired from the shell-toes from the Superstar which is a classic model. You can see some brandings on the toe, heel, as well that large 3 stripes logo on the medial and lateral side. The foam midsole is stacked inside the shoe which is EVA. Would I wish that adidas used other foam source? I can't really decide it yet because using another Foam source particularly their recent foam cushions might bump up the price more and also I don't think that it will help too much especially how clunky it is built. But on the flip side, as I said earlier I don't think a lot of people will wear these to play ball in them. Anyway, going down to the outsole, there is a TPU torsion bar with a milky whitish rubber outsole with herringbone traction pattern. The grooves are thick and aggressive so durability wouldn't be a problem when we are talking about the outsole. The shoe retails for Php 9,000 at adidas store in Trinoma as well as other major adidas stores. Also, do you think that having another foam source (especially the newer foams from adidas) would help with the comfort in terms of cushioning? Share your thoughts down below.

the crazy infinity foam upper reminded you of adidas Kobe 2
foam upper 

large 3 stripes branding stamped on the side
large 3 stripes branding

toecap inspired by the adidas Superstar "shell toe"
"shell-toe" toe cap

adidas toe branding for subtle design features
toe branding

the ankle collar is heavily padded
padded collar

inside the zipper enclosure are the laces
zipper shroud enclosure

adidas logo and small infinity symbol on the heel area
heel area

medial view

TPU torsion bar can be found underneath the midfoot area
torsion bar

herringbone traction pattern which is similar to adidas Crazy 1


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