#kixspotted World Balance Horace


Keeping up with every sneaker drop is really difficult nowadays. In just a few months, you get to see new silhouettes in stores and I admit it is really hard to keep up. I was busy for a while keeping up with personal things and I just had my sort of free time today to roam the mall. I dropped by my one of my favorite stores, World Balance and I was surprised to see new models so I decided to make a blog post about it. This post is a lifestyle shoe which they call Horace which you can get now.

I am digging the shoe particularly this brown/mustard colorway just because I am personally rocking more lifestyle kicks nowadays since I am pretty busy. The shoe has a synthetic leather upper with some suede paneling to give a rugged feel. The base of the shoe is on the heavy side due to its cup sole construction which is like an 80's shoe -- sturdy built which means you can really include this in your daily rotation. For comfort this time around, they added a Trampolite Insole which is good since they are using different variations of the foam. Trampolite was first used in a lifestyle shoe as part of the midsole, then it was brought to World Balance's basketball line (more from this soon), then now as part of their Insole setup. I am not sure how the Trampolite Insole will fare as far as giving step-in comfort is concerned. Given the heavy build of the Horace, I hope it doesn't make your feet feel tired after long hours of wearing. Another very noticeable feature is the addition of a strap on the top of the laces with a buckle system to fasten the strap. While this is not a performance shoe, they just gave it a utility shoe vibe in my opinion. The buckle closure is new to me, not your usual clip-like closure which is kinda nice. If you are trying to add a fresh feature to your silhouettes, might as well make it noticeable, right? Underneath is a solid rubber outsole which like I said earlier is really durable. Two colorways are available and I personally like the mustard-brown variant. The white based colorway is nice and clean too, but maybe because since it is raining nowadays that I think having a white shoe is not a good idea for me. The shoe retails for Php 2,299 which you can get at World Balance Trinoma.


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