#kixspotted World Balance Ace Scorer


Ace Scorer red colorway
World Balance Ace Scorer
Wanting more basketball sneakers from World Balance? Then maybe the World Balance Ace Scorer is the shoe that you are looking for. The Trampolite cushion used in World Balance's basketball line has worked wonders starting with the World Balance Cager. This is one of World Balance's way of somewhat lessening the cost of their kicks, which is by using the same tooling or platform for other models as well since they get to save money on the cost of new molds for the midsole and in return keep their prices very affordable without sacrificing quality. So what is different time time around? The answer would be on the upper which is a combination of nylon mesh with some fuse panels and leather panels. The fuse panels are on the high-wear areas like in the midfoot near the laces and also on the toe guard area. The main design highlight here in my opinion would be leather panel in the midfoot area near the lacing system. You see, it does not only give you a support structure but it is also a subtle branding design as it looks like a letter W which is similar to World Balance's brand logo. Don't worry there are also other eyelets so there are more than 3 eyelets so to speak. It's just that they utilized the leather panels well by also turning it to a branding piece. The shoe sports a high-top profile and heel slippage won't be a problem here because there is a TPU heel clip and an achilles notch at the back for added padding. The cushioning as I said earlier, is made up of Trampolite cushion with their Terra Soft Insole System for added step-in comfort. Underneath is a solid rubber outsole with a herringbone traction pattern which is perfect for basketball whether you play indoors or outdoors. Tagged at Php 2,699 the World Balance Ace Scorer comes in 2 colorways (red and white based) and is readily available at World Balance Trinoma and other WB stores and online.

combination of mesh and leather upper
Ace Scorer upper material

leather panel forms a large logo branding
leather panel on midfoot

Achilles heel notch
Ace Scorer ankle collar

Trampolite foam with Terra Soft Insole System
Ace Scorer midsole

medial view of Ace Scorer
WB Ace Scorer medial view

TPU heel clip with WB logo
heel clip

green solid rubber outsole for red colorway

Ace Scorer also available in white colorway
white colorway

mesh, leather, and fuse material in white color
white upper

tongue branding made from suede material
Ace Scorer tongue branding

grey hits on the white colorway
Ace Scorer white colorway medial

orange TPU heel clip
Ace Scorer white heel counter

solid black rubber outsole white colorway Ace Scorer
Ace Scorer white colorway outsole


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