#kixspotted Anta Skate Shoe


Anta Skate shoe

I spotted this skateboard-inspired shoe from Anta some time ago and it is always great to see how other brands, particularly Chinese brands join the mix in the shoe game and blend well. I do not know the exact name and to be honest, the name of these kicks are very hard to track because some of these models go by different names in different regions and even the colorways of the shoe have a name that would sound like it is the name of the shoe itself.

 Anyway, going back to the shoe. I said earlier it looks like a skate-shoe inspired model because of the technical build of the shoe particularly the cushioning. Sure, from a quick glance the upper and the shape of the shoe would make you think that it is a skate shoe and it even have those flat laces. After all, the upper is made from primarily suede and some synthetic leather panels. But if you look closely, the midsole instead of having a cupsole is made from a foam which is soft. I am not a skater so I do not know the intricacies of a good skate shoe when we talk of performance. But I think that skate shoes should have a low-to-ground feel that's why most of them have cupsole build for the midsole because I think you should have a good feel underneath your foot which is the board to maintain your balance and better control of the board. This shoe uses a foam which is on the soft side so this might not be the best option for a skate shoe (performancewise). But for casual skating or whatever you might want to call it, then I don't think it would be a problem. Also, if you love rocking that skater vibe or into skate apparel, then this would easily fall into that category. The outsole looks and feels durable made of solid rubber with the black colorway have a gum outsole and all of them have a flat surface pattern. The shoe comes in 3 colorways and retails for Php 5,295 which you can get at the SM North Edsa department store. So a question for all you skaters out there, are you gonna skate in these or just rock them casually? Write your thoughts down the comment section.

Anta Skate shoe suede upper

Anta Skate shoe laces

Anta Skate shoe medial

Anta Skate shoe insole

Anta Skate shoe heel

Anta Skate shoe midsole

Anta Skate shoe brown/tan colorway

Anta Skate shoe brown/tan colorway suede upper

Anta Skate shoe brown/tan colorway laces

Anta Skate shoe brown/tan colorway outsole

Anta Skate shoe fat laces

Anta Skate shoe black colorway gum outsole


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