#kixspotted adidas Trae Unlimited


We've seen NBA players who have their own signature kicks to wear their lower-tier models either in shootaround or if we're lucky enough, they rock them in games. We've seen Damian Lillard wore the Dame certified in games. Of course, adidas also have Trae Unlimited which is Trae Young's lower-tier signature line seen in the NBA hardwood this first round of the playoffs.

Taking some design elements from the Trae Young 2 specifically the 3 stripes branding on the forefoot area, we can see them also here which I think is nice because you want to make this look similar to the main line. While the Trae Young 2 sports a knit primarily in the upper, the Trae Unlimited is made from mesh material on the top layer. It's not going to be as premium-looking as the Trae 2s, but you can still have a lightweight shoe that offers some air flow. Also the cut of the silhouette is more of a mid than a low, which if you are into mids, then this might be your jam. Speaking of the cut of the shoe, you can also see an extra eyelet on the top which draws the laces nearer the ankle collar area. For cushioning, adidas' Bounce foam was used which offers a balance between impact protection and court feel. Underneath is a solid rubber outsole with what looks like a modified radial traction pattern with some flex grooves to help with your stepping transitions. Like I said, earlier this is a lower-tier model from the signature line which retails for Php 4,500 at Toby's SM The Block. Personally, I think this is a good shoe which you can wear either indoors or outdoors. The rubber is pretty durable and the cushioning would likely be helpful since it also offers some impact protection. Lastly, Trae Young wore this silhouette during the first round of playoffs so hopefully you will not have any second thoughts if this would perform well on court. 


The adidas Trae Unlimited is also available on Amazon!


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