Best Foot Forward: World Balance Field Marshal


With summer in full effect, people (particularly sneakerheads) are breaking out fresh pairs and if you want to add some new kicks in your rotation, then check out this review that I made on the World Balance Field Marshal.

Having a mesh upper is always a good idea since it promotes air circulation which is ideal during summer season. In terms of aesthetics, it does blend well with today's trend of 90's vibe in terms of materials. There are some leather panels albeit very little which you can see on the toe area and at the heel. There are some fuse materials used in the main body of the shoe particularly in the high-wear areas. Also, while this is under World Balance's performance line, the shoe looks fresh that I wouldn't mind rocking them casually.

For cushioning, a combination of EVA foam, Bubble Tech, and Bounce Pad Insole System were used. Upon wearing the shoe, I noticed that it promotes a somewhat heel-to-toe transition. Meaning, it encourages you to move forward and be active. I think this would be ideal for circuit training, jogging, or light session workouts. The EVA foam is stable and together with the Bubble Tech which is an air bag, it helps aid the cushioning. The Bounce Pad Insole system provides step-in comfort so you get a good amount of impact protection during your workouts especially if you consider its price (more on that later). Down below, you get a mix between solid and gum rubber outsole.

For a retail price of Php 2,099, you really can't go wrong with this. You get a good-looking shoe with great cushion setup at a very affordable price point.  Two colorways are available at World Balance stores, a white-based and a black-based colorway. And while most of the time I favor a black-based colorway, this time around, I am digging the white color more.


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