#kixspotted ICON Damian


I was in Trinoma mall particularly at Landmark when I saw this kicks on the shelves that caught my attention. Honestly, I really don't know about the brand, but the kicks look good from afar that it warrant to have a second look. Apparently, the brand is called Icon and this particular model is called Damian. It's a lifestyle shoe and it has all the bells and whistles for it to be considered a good shoe particularly in today's era of sneakers.

First, let's start with the upper which is a combination of textile and leather. Different types of leather were used to add different layers, as well as colors in the upper. The colorway is predominantly white with other colored accents such as blue, yellow, and red. Another design that I like is the heel area where it has an iridescent material, it gives off a certain shine when you hit a camera flash on it. It is definitely a +1 for me in terms of style points. The silhouette looks very modern, carrying that bulky or chunky look due to its midsole. Speaking of which, the midsole for me is one of its selling points. Nowadays, sneakers are all about comfort and style. We discussed the style earlier and based on the photos, you can't deny that it does look good. The cushion or midsole of the shoe is made from a material that they call Phylon Popcorn Outsole. Basically, it is an EVA-foam based material wherein the foam pellets are heated which causes it to expand resulting in a comfortable cushion source. The process and foam itself looks pretty familiar and it reminds me of a cushion source that gives off great energy return. Based on quick inspection, I would say that the foam feels pillowy or offers a lot of cushioning which is great especially if you plan on wearing these daily. Underneath is a translucent outsole and you can see the foam being exposed a bit which I think also allows the foam to expand more and not restricting its good attribute which is to provide comfort. If you want to try them on, I suggest you check them out at Landmark in Trinoma. The retail price is Php 2,590 which I think is very affordable considering the look and the comfort it gives.


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