#kixspotted World Balance Zenith


I have spotted some new silhouettes from World Balance and this might be another great model from WB's wide array of lifestyle kicks. Dubbed as Zenith, I love the simple color blockings of the shoe despite its upper having lots of paneling. They were able to use nice colors that aren't too jarring which makes it look cleaner especially the light colored ones. The dark colorway isn't too bad either in my opinion so it's up to you whether you want to rock the light-based ones for a cleaner look or the dark one which is also appealing.

Speaking of the upper, it is a mixture of textile and synthetic leather. It is fairly thin which gives a lightweight feel to it.  What I like most is the different textures on the leather panel on the ankle and heel area. While it is thin, it still gets a passing mark to me since it is a lifestyle shoe and considering the price of the shoe, you really can't expect them to use very premium materials. There is a small tab on the lateral panel which they can use in the future for some collab brandings (in case they want to use the silhouette). The midsole is your standard EVA, but worry not because the Bounce Pad Insole System will give additional step-in comfort. There are small solid rubber pieces underneath to reduce more weight. For a retail price of less than 2,000 pesos (Php 1,999 to be exact), you can get them at World Balance Trinoma and other WB branches and online.


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