#kixspotted Peak AW 1


I recently saw Andrew Wiggins' official signature shoe with Peak and I was able to get some product shots to show you in today's kixspotted feature. This shoe is very interesting (more on that later) because of the things that I found out while I was doing some research on the net. But first, let's talk about the shoe's upper. Mesh type material which feels very plasticky was used to give the shoe a very lightweight feel. Since this is Andrew Wiggin's signature shoe, I would assume that he asked for a lighter material since his build and play style is like the lanky and nimble players. I am pretty sure he is strong when you compare him to an average person his size. But comparing him to other NBA players, I would say that is his advantage, being tall but is quick for his position. Since it has mesh-like properties, breathability wouldn't be an issue here as you can see from the pictures. There are some fuse panels around the shoe and on the high-wear areas particularly in the lacing system to provide durability. Various Peak branding can be seen throughout particularly on the forefoot, tongue and side panel. Andrew Wiggins' logo can be seen on the laces at the midfoot area made from a lenticular material (also known as holographic effect). Underneath, a translucent rubber outsole was used with Wiggins' logo used as the pattern for traction facing in different directions.

Perhaps the most interesting part here is the midsole, particularly in the cushioning. With the photos that you are seeing, the midsole tooling contains different tech labels that I assume was used in the cushioning for THIS particular model namely TaiChi, P-Soon, and UltraLight (if I remember it correctly). However, there are some iterations of the Peak AW1 where the cushioning consist of a  drop-in midsole which you can swap since there are 2 (CLICK HERE). I think that particular AW 1 has a pull-tab in the medial side, so you can switch out the drop-in midsole easily. I just wish that both versions were available here in the Philippines so we can give consumers more options. But if you are already sold with the normal cushion setup (no drop-in midsole), then these are available now at SM Dep Store in North Edsa and retails for Php 6,995 and comes in 4 colorways.


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