#kixspotted World Balance Field Marshal


I've spotted some athletic performance kicks from World Balance and I am pretty sure this would easily blend well for lifestyle or casual wearing. The World Balance Field Marshal is a lowtop silhouette made from mesh and some synthetic materials to promote that lightweight and sporty look. While I am not too much of a fan for white-based colorway, I personally like the white color of the Field Marshal than the black one. Maybe it's because it looks cleaner and the color accents that accompany the white isn't too striking and highlights what I think is the most important which is the cushioning. Yup, you heard me. I think the cushioning here is one of its main selling point. Aside from EVA foam found here, World Balance also added Bubble Tech which also plays an important role in the cushioning. I have reviewed shoes from World Balance particularly their basketball kicks that utilizes Bubble Tech and it is kinda on the stiff side which aids more in absorbing the brunt of the impact upon landings than provide comfort in cushioning.

This time around, the Bubble Tech is softer which is more on the comfort side to help the thin EVA foam. The Terra Soft Insole System is still present so you get 3 layers of cushioning and comfort for this shoe. Finally, solid rubber can be seen underneath so you can use this in your workout sessions in the gym or like I said earlier as a lifestyle shoe since the comfort it gives is perfect for those long hours of errands and other similar activities. These are available now at World Balance Trinoma, other WB branches and their webstore.


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