#kixspotted Nike Air Force 1 React


Here is another iteration of an iconic model from Nike. The Air Force 1 is a good staple for a lot of sneakerheads due to its clean and simple look. In fact, there are some collabs where they chose Air Force 1 silhouette. An example would be the Peace Minus One, where the upper have a basic black color but made from a material that is prone to cracking or chipping which adds a unique character to the shoe since these cracks or chippings will show depending on how the shoe is worn or treated. An artistic touch if I may say.

While this is not the case with this particular shoe, I still dig this version because it gives off a reconstructed look. The upper is a combination of leather and some rip-stop like material. The toe area is in leather so you will still have that AF 1 feel and shape. The rip-stop material is a good additon in my opinion to somewhat minimize the weight albeit not too much. The Swoosh found on the lateral side is also in leather which gives some paneling effect. A good addition here is the use of React Foam in the midsole. You can see the React foam in pink color and it even ooze out on the medial and underneath the outsole. It allows the foam to expand more and not negate the comfort of React foam if it caged in a rubber cupped sole. I am not sure if the Nike Air unit is still present in the heel area. I would assume yes since this is an Air Force 1 shoe and I think it would be a bummer if they take it out. And there is the word "AIR" written on the rubber outsole so they got to put it there or it would create confusion for this particular model and maybe in future releases. As I said, the React Foam also oozes underneath so the rubber outsole is cored out which also reduces its weight. The shoe comes in both mens and womens sizes which you can get at Urban Athletics in Mitsukoshi Mall in BGC and retails for Php 8,095.


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