#kixspotted adidas AdifoamQ


I was able to check out a new mall in BGC. In fact, that mall was quite intriguing because it is a Japanese-themed mall. Meaning, most stores offer Japanese items or brands that originate or came from Japan. While the mall is operational already, all the store tenants are not yet complete. In fact, some stores are just pop-ups for the meantime while their physical store is still being prepared.

Anyway, there's an Urban Athletics in that mall so I decided to check them out and I was able to spot some AdifoamQ over there. After adidas and Ye parted ways, the brand with 3 stripes release silhouettes that would be a bit similar to the one-piece foam shoes. Personally, I enjoy this much more because there isn't too much hype on this making them more easier to cop. In fact, I didn't expect this to be available there. As I said earlier, the AdifoamQ is a foam-based shoe constructed to have a one-piece look. It has a neoprene-like material inside that serve as the shoe's lining and somewhat adds some comfort. The upper is made from adiplus which feels lightweight but it does not look or feel cheap. The density of the foam feels sturdy to provide a good structure. There are some rubber pieces underneath to add durability since this would be worn primarily casually. While I do not know if this is my jam, I really can't see myself rocking these anytime soon, I am pretty sure some of you are looking for this so I suggest pay the Urban Athletics store in Mitsukoshi Mall to cop a pair. Two colorways are available there which retails for Php 5,300.


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