Best Foot Forward: World Balance Turbine


With the Christmas festivities still rolling out here in the Philippines, many are still attending parties, get togethers, meet-ups, reunions or whatever you want to call it for some good 'ol gathering and catching up. Of course, this might be a good opportunity to flex your fits and if you still do not have some fresh kicks to rock, then maybe you would want to check some kicks from World Balance. This model called the World Balance Turbine could be a good option if you are looking for a shoe without breaking the bank. And while it might be true that you could have garnered a lot of "pamasko" this Christmas, splurging too much on a shoe might not be too wise especially if you plan on doing some saving up as part of your New Year's Resolution. So this could be best of both worlds where you get to buy some fresh kicks and still save for the upcoming year right?

So going back, the World Balance Turbine has that sporty look with accents of blue accents that do stand out. Actually those colors do pop so you can really notice it. Materials are lightweight that are made from nylon and thin synthetic leather panels. The use of thin materials give really help reduce the weight of the shoe but still offer different layers due to the different textures or paneling. It is somewhat reminiscent of a 90's shoe because of the it's shape and material make-up. To make things really light, the construction of a 1-piece foam midsole/outsole was implemented. What it means is that there is not traditional rubber outsole, but the midsole itself have some grooves and textures underneath to act as the shoe's outsole. So the absence of a rubber outsole really help shave off a lot of weight. The foam itself is lightweight and not too stiff. You can also find the Bounce Pad Insole System inside to add more step-in comfort. The shoe is available at World Balance stores and their webstore for just under 2,000 Pesos, (Php 1,899 to be exact) which is a good deal if you ask me. Check out some the photos that I took in case you want to see more detailed look of the shoe.


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