#kixspotted World Balance Sakura Strider


The Sakura Strider from World Balance is one of those kicks that I think both ladies and kids will love because of its playful color palette. But first, let's check out the shoe's build. Nylon mesh with some leather panels to give some layers as well. There is some fuse materials but the synthetic leather panels and nylon mesh in the upper gives the shoe some old school vibes without losing the modern touches. The midsole tooling looks good too, adding some character to it and they even added colors to some sections in the midsole tooling adding to that youthful vibe. World Balance brandings can be seen on the tongue, lateral side of the shoe and on the midsole tooling. For cushioning, EVA foam with Bounce Pad Insole system was used just like any other lifestyle shoe from World Balance. The EVA foam is on the dense side making it more durable and stable, but don't worry because the Bounce Pad Insole System will provide the step-in comfort that a lot of you will love. As I said earlier, the ladies will love this as well because the sizing of this falls under the BG side, meaning Big Girls, so ladies who have a smaller shoe size will be able to cop this as well. I think the biggest selling point here is the chunky shoe look and of course the use of pastel colors which are very cool to the eyes. I've spotted these at World Balance store in Trinoma which retails for Php 2,199. I am pretty sure you can get them at their webstore as well, so you can add them in your shoe wishlist this holiday season. The price is pretty affordable, so you can maybe rock a couple more pairs that will go well with your Christmas and New Year's outfit.



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