#kixspotted World Balance More Good Less Evil JellyBean


Still on the hunt for the latest colorway of the World Balance Invictus More Good Less Evil jellybean colorway? I spotted some pairs at the World Balance store in Trinoma so better visit them if you wish to cop a pair. The Invictus silhouette from World Balance is one of those models from this local brand that started to put them on the map again. You really can't deny how nice the shoe is and in fact, this is one of the models from their wide variety of lifestyle kicks that were always chosen to represent a collab. This is the fourth Invictus collab from Dj Big Boy Cheng's Secret Fresh and every new one is a limited release which makes sneakerheads go and try to collect them. World Balance Trinoma carried some stocks as well so I was able to get some good photos of them.

Different upper materials were used once again. From synthetic leather, suede, textile, and some TPU or plastic pieces can be seen throughout the shoe making giving it a premium look. Also, the "jellybean" colors were well represented here without making it too striking to the eyes. In fact, the subtle use of colors makes it stand out even more. You can see the "More Good Less Evil" text on the side panels and Secret Fresh logo on the tongue as well. The laces are made up of a reflective material which gives off a certain shine when a camera flash hits on it.

Speaking of materials, World Balance keeps on experimenting different materials to put on this silhouette making it look fresh every time especially with special releases. The last Invictus, the Invictus Reveal did have some material change particularly in the midsole, as they use a glow-in-the-dark material to make it stand out. This time, they switch it up another notch by using a new foam which they call Spring Foam. Now, I have tried the shoe and man, that foam is bouncy. I am used to using the Invictus since I have a couple of pairs, but that Spring Foam is better when comparing it to the regular Invictus. Shout out to the people there at World Balance for using this foam and I am really hopeful that they will use this foam also in their performance models (like Basketball). Well, that thought alone makes me really hyped. So I suggest you guys to go ahead and cop a pair so you get a feel of that nice Spring Foam. The shoe retails for Php 2,899 and is available at selected World Balance stores. As I said earlier, I saw some pairs at World Balance Trinoma so good luck and I hope you get a pair.


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