Best Foot Forward World Balance Track Racer


Looking for your next shoe could be a challenge especially if you want that shoe to be multi-purpose in terms of use. Also, you want it to look stylish and pleasing to the eyes. With those things in mind, that's where the World Balance Track Racer comes in. The World Balance Racer has that modern look due to  its materials. Being made from predominantly textile, the engineered textile promotes not just structure but also protection in high-wear areas. You can see the thread pattern of the fabric being made thicker in areas where the shoe needs to be more durable the most predominantly in the toe area going all the way to the sides. You can see the various thread patterns to give the shoe structure where it needed the most. Since it is textile, it makes the shoe light and comfortable. To prevent ripping in the eyelets, World Balance reinforced it with a thin fuse layer for added durability especially for those people who just yank the laces to adjust the fit quickly.

The midsole is composed of EVA with Bounce Pad Insole System. The ride feels a bit low but not too much so you can wear this for some light workout sessions in the gym as well. The base isn't too wide as well but is sufficient enough to give you confidence during quick movements as you do your circuit or HIIT training sessions. The Bounce Pad offers some step-in comfort and in terms of lessening foot fatigue, the rubber outsole is segmented and located only on the forefoot and heel area helping cutting down the weight of the shoe. Overall, this might be a good workout and everyday shoe in my opinion. The shoe retails for Php 2,299 which you can get at World Balance stores.


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