Best Foot Forward: Converse X Comme des Garçons


My cousin is on the hunt for this Converse Chuck 70 x Comme des Garçons collab and I offered to help her find a good deal. After searching the net, I come across this store called ZPT. They sell different kinds of shoes and even bags or slides. From your usuals like Nike, adidas, New Balance, to more expensive brands like Off White, Alexander McQueen, and collab brands just like this. I checked out their Facebook page and browse their items and searched even more for the legitimacy of the products that they are selling. After thorough research, I gave the details to my cousin and lo and behold, after some time, she was able to cop a pair there. In fact, I would say their service was top notch since she was able to get the pair within that same day. It comes in an eco-bag with ZPT label and a cute sticker inside. Also, the price of the products are pretty reasonable and fair, meaning they didn't jack up their prices up to the stratosphere like some resellers. Not to bash on some shops if that's their hustle, then whatever makes their boat float I guess. But I would recommend this store if you are on the look for some sneakers that are quite hard to find. In fact, I am even planning to purchase a pair for myself there soon. If you want to check their Facebook page, use this <LINK>  

Now, for the shoe. This said collaboration between Converse and Comme des Garçons taps the Chuck 70 silhouette and while nothing too drastic changes were done, the collaboration was done really well. The upper is still made from canvas material and you can see the CDG Play's logo which is a heart with a set of eyes. The sockliner has that Converse and Comme des Garçons collab branding. Even the box of the shoe is different from your standard Chuck 70 box. Comfort and outsole is pretty much the same with any Chuck 70 since it is known to be more comfy or "cushy" compared to your Converse All-Stars. Here are some images that I took and again, this is my cousin's pair so I did not made an on-feet look.


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