More Scottie Thompson apparel from World Balance


World Balance is dropping great apparel from the ST line. From shirt to caps, you can be sure that you get to represent Scottie and World Balance. First let's check out the cap. a black-based with Scottie's ST logo can be seen in the middle. The inner lining of the bill is in red which could represent Scottie's Ginebra team. The retail price for this is Php 549. The ST shirt comes in 2 colors which is in red and black. The red color has carries the ST logo in the middle with some details at the back of the neck. Hardword, Discipline, and Faith these are his mantras which can be seen written at the back of the neck. On the arm area, the details that can be seen are the words "Hustle Man" his jersey number in Ginebra as well as his birth date and PH. The black shirt, let's call this "The Hustle Man" since that is the design printed on the middle. You can also see the No. 6, his birth date and PH written as well. Below the shirt is his signature and at the back you can see the No. 6 and his surname written on it. Both shirts also sport the World Balance logo which is subtle and blends well with the simplicity of the design. Retail price of the shirts is also Php 549 and is available now at their World Balance Website <HERE> and in Lazada.

Personally, I find this very timing since Scottie has been on a barrage lately, bagging the MVP award and winning the championship last conference with the Brgy. Ginebra. Also, this might be a good news of maybe what's coming in the future. We have been hearing quite a buzz with World Balance and Scottie Thompson teasing us what will be the next colorway drop for the World Balance ST1. Will we hear more concrete news soon? Only time will tell so be sure to follow World Balance social media accounts for more news regarding the ST line.

Image via: World Balance


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