#kixspotted World Balance Comet


I saw this silhouette from World Balance for the womens recently and I thought maybe there are some who might be interested in picking them up just because of how the shoe looks. It has that retro or classic vibe to it since the upper materials that were used to make the shoe were made primarily of suede and nylon mesh. It has a simple look and the color is pretty basic which makes it very easy to pair with your usual clothes. They dubbed this the World Balance Comet which is available only for women's sizing. Whether you use it for quick errands or during light jogging or training in the gym, the EVA foam together with Bounce Pad Insole System will definitely get the job done. Underneath is a solid rubber outsole and is fairly thick so your usual wear and tear underneath wouldn't be much of an issue. It comes in 2 color options with the small accent of blue and pink in the upper and in the tongue area would be the most noticeable change. That beige primary color is very neutral and as I said earlier, would be less of a hassle when you are trying to pair it with your everyday get-up. I saw this at the World Balance store in Trinoma retailing for Php 1,899 and I am pretty sure that these are also readily available at other World Balance stores.


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