#kixspotted Reebok Solution


With Reebok starting to gain foothold once again in the sneaker scene here in the Philippines, we are slowly seeing more and more silhouettes in shoe stores around the metro. I personally think that this is a good move for Reebok to flourish once again by releasing their timeless classics while slowly crawl their way into the athletics or performance category. Here is a good sign for what's yet to come for the brand. The Reebok Solution is a good start by entering in the performance department, just testing the waters while still not bringing out their ace models namely the Answer, Question, or Shaq's kicks yet. We all know that those kicks do perform well if they keep the key techs intact.

But for this model namely the Solution, it draws inspiration from the Reebok Question which is Iverson's first signature shoe model from Reebok. You can see some design elements from the Question which are the use of mesh materials, the leather panels in the toe area, the circular pattern design in the midsole, as well as underneath in the outsole (pattern in the midfoot) just to name a few. Of course, there are some things that made the shoe not like a strip down model and sort of gave itself a unique character like the cord or string that goes around the shoe as well as the "Iverson" related tags in specifically in the heel area. My only wish is that for its price, I wish they could have use some sort of lightweight foam like their DMX foam. The Reebok Solution uses EVA foam and while EVA foams aren't that bad since most of the foams that are being used by different shoe brands are EVA-based, I just think that using some of Reebok's proprietary foams could spark more interest from a consumer's perspective especially if cushioning or comfort is what you are looking for when purchasing your kicks. However, you can still use these for basketball or quick shoot-around or run-ins or even rock them casually since it gives off that retro vibe as well. If you want to try them on, they are available at Sports Central and retails for Php 4,595 with these 2 colorways being spotted at their SM North Towers branch.


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