#kixspotted Nike Air Max 90 SE "Air Sprung"


The Air Max line from Nike is one of the more popular lines in the lifestyle department since its sporty look have been an eye catcher ever since it gained popularity in the 90s. Fast forward to present and we are still seeing different versions of the Air Max line particularly the Air Max 90 and this is one of those have been one of versions where the materials are different, without making it not look like the Air Max 90 which I like.

The changes that I am talking about can be seen on the shoe's upper being made from a canvas like material. Leather have been always been a good choice of material in this kind of shoes particularly during its time because it offers structure and sturdiness. However, we are in this era were sneakers are all about comfort and style, hence the birth of textile materials that makes the shoe lightweight. The use of canvas is a good choice since it make the shoe lighter when compared to leather and is still sturdy when compared to let's say for example knit material. You can see that this is also part of a collection that released in the states some months ago and while yes it is kinda late especially that it is starting to rain here in the Philippines but I am pretty sure when the sun begins to shine again more often, then you can break these out and get a lot sneakerheads glance at your feet. Those Air Max badges one the side are replaced by the air sprung text with some patches with a mushroom or another design (depending on the colorway) on the heel panel. Tagged at Php 7,095 you can check out Toby's Trinoma in case you are interested in copping a pair.


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