#kixspotted Jordan Max Aura


For those who want to cop a basketball shoe from Jordan Brand, The Jordan Max Aura is one of the options outside the flagship line which means they are a bit cheaper when comparing them to the the Jordan series models. In fact, they are within the range of the Jordan Zion, the Why Not series and even the Jordan Zoom Separate when we talk about the regular retail price. The Jordan Max Aura is made up of different kinds of leather for the most part. The leather quality is pretty thick up front with a tumbled finish to it. There is also a patent leather finish on the sides for added premium look and durability. The ankle and ankle/heel area of the shoe is also a bit different somewhat using a more thinner cut of leather and lighter materials to minimize the weight a bit. This is a performance kicks after all so in this era of sneakers where most kicks are built to be on the lighter side, so they don't want it to be too heavy, but still durable. Also, the look of the shoe kinda give you some flashbacks of a shoe that was build in the 90s, so those who are into that kind of look would appreciate this.

In terms of tech, Air Max can be seen in the heel together with phylon foam just like a 90's shoe. A part of the outsole can be seen extending up to the lateral side of the forefoot area to add some containment especially during hard cuts. But don't worry, it doesn't restrict the foam too much since it is only on the lateral side. No restrictions on the medial side which means there is some room for the room to expand somewhat. Underneath, you can see different traction patterns made from solid rubber. But don't worry, there are herringbone sections as well placed on strategic parts where you need it the most. You can get them now at the Nike store in Glorietta for PHp 6,595 and comes in 2 colorways.


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