More Anta STG colorways at Anta Trinoma


The STG or "Shock the Game" line from Anta have been a popular choice for people who cop Anta basketball kicks with one reason being it has a wide variety of designs. Also, it is not as expensive as the main signature lines from Anta, but still offers great tech particularly in cushion. The good thing about Anta is that they spread their cushion techs on their different models which gives consumers a glimpse of what they can get should they opt Anta's signature line. Aside from different silhouette designs, the STG line is also known for its colorways whether you prefer the subtle "team colorways" that could match your jerseys or even the wild and colorful ones. I have spotted some two colorways when I went to Anta's store in Trinoma.

For the shoe's features, mesh takes on the forefoot area with synthetic leather panel on the ankle/heel area. The shoe still feels lightweight and while the design of the silhouette isn't too busy, the color makes up for it. You can see that there is some reinforcement piece on the forefoot area to give a more secured fit. I think forefoot heavy players will benefit from this as long as you get your right size. Underneath the shoe, it features their Alti-Flash which feels it offers a lot of feedback. I haven't tried the cushion yet personally in-game so I really cannot give a clear assessment. They have a TPU piece underneath which they call Auto-Arch to give stability on the midfoot from excessive bending. Lastly, the outsole is made from solid rubber with thunderbolt-like design pattern on it.

Tagged at Php 4,295 but they have different branches around Metro Manila so you can check them out as well. Who knows, there might even other colorways that may suit your taste. Personally, I am intrigued with how Anta is doing right now. It's been a long time since I made a performance review on an Anta shoe, so maybe this could be good time to check them out again. 


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