#kixspotted Nike KD 15


Aside from the Nike PG 6, I also spotted some Nike KD 15 in a different mall. The Nike KD 15 is quite similar to the KD 14 in terms of cushioning tech which is a Nike Zoom Air strobel. If you love that setup from last year, then this year's model would make you still feel at home so to speak. The Zoom strobel works wonders since your feet is much closer to the Zoom Air foam which offers a responsive ride. It replaces the use of a stiff strobel board that provides a sturdy base underfoot before the foam carrier when made traditionally. So basically now, it is gonna be your feet, the insole, then the Zoom strobel, and finally the foam carrier which is Cushlon by the way.

For the upper, like last year, you have a textile-based material offering a modern and lightweight feel. The noticeable change is that the absence of a midfoot strap from last year. I think a lot people would still enjoy the shoe because there are some complaints from other wearers saying that the midfoot strap from last year offers a minimal benefit especially if your foot is kinda "bulky". The velcro would most likely not be strapped fully from end-to-end so that midfoot containment wouldn't have much effect. However, this year they removed the strap and replaced it with a TPU containment piece that is located on the midfoot area going to the ankle-heel area. In my point of view, this would help in the lockdown by locking your feet at the back end of the shoe so foot containment will be good especially if you get your right size. Underneath, there is a TPU shank together with a solid rubber outsole with a topographic-like pattern. You can get them now for Php 8,095 at Sports Central in SM North Tower.


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