Converse "Alt-Star"


This Converse All-Star gets an alternative look, hence the name "Alt-Star" and I am digging it. The thing that I appreciate most is that silhouette look still pretty similar as the All-Star but the design elements that were added really made it look good. I also like the fact that they still used canvas for this model since it really makes you think that it is still a Converse. The foam tongue gives it a modern look and actually the foam tongue material is being used nowadays by different brands. It was used on various retro kicks and I think it was brought back when the Nike Off-White collection came out some years ago. There is a rubber piece on the laces with the logo and the printed design of Converse "Star" logo is still present on the ankle part of the shoe. One of the biggest design change is the midsole is now textured with word "Far From Chuck" written on it. Inside is a Ortholite insole and it is really plush inside the shoe's footbed. I am not sure how long before that bottom's out, but since you are just going to wear them casually, I don't think it wouldn't be much of an issue. Underneath is a marbled painted outsole having the same traction pattern as the All-Star. Lastly, the shoe's price makes it also very tempting to cop. Tagged at Php 3,790 you can get either a black or a white based colorway at the Athlete's Foot in Vertis North.


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