Anta GH 2 "Tiger"


The Anta GH2 might have been here in the Philippines for quite some time, but it is still a good choice for those who want to pick up an Anta brand particularly a signature shoe without spending too much. And while the GH3 is already here for months, you can't deny that the GH2 is still a good performer especially since it plays lighter than than the recent signature model in terms of material build. With that, we are still seeing some colorways of the Anta GH 2 dropping sporadically and here is an example of that in a tiger-like pattern. The tiger stripe pattern can be seen throughout the whole upper and is made from TPU which adds an extra layer of protection from toe drags on the upper and even scuffs especially when you get step on. Techwise, it is still the same so you will still get that ALTI-FLASH cushion, the lacing reinforcement in the midfoot and even the same traction pattern and TPU plate underneath. Personally I just wish that they use a black/yellow for the tiger stripe instead of the brown/yellow. However, that's just a personal preference and I am pretty sure that it wouldn't affect the performance attribute of the shoe. If you are sold on this colorway, they you can grab them at the Anta store in Trinoma for Php 5,995.


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