#kixspotted Converse FlyEase


The FlyEase made it's way to Converse and the silhouette combines function and style at the same time. The classic shape of Converse can be seen from the front of the shoe to the mid part. Actually it does look like a modern Converse kicks like the ones they are releasing nowadays. The laces are still present although I think you won't be using them often once you use the FlyEase system at the heel area which is an easy way to slide your foot inside the shoe. The whole concept is really nice especially if you have problems reaching down to tie your laces and adjusting your kicks. The back portion just pops back nicely due to its construction. For comfort, Converse's CX Foam was utilized which adds a lot in terms of comfort. You see, some people who loves cushioning favor the Chuck 70's more than the Converse All-Stars because it is just more comfortable underneath. But Converse is slowly integrating the CX Foam in their kicks to add comfort to the wearer which is a plus in my opinion. While the OG All-Stars offer a low-to-the-ground feel which some people like, I personally would want more cushion since I wear my kicks the whole day whenever I go out (especially during this pandemic) so I want my feet to relax a bit while inside the shoe. The outsole is pretty much the same, just your standard pattern which is still great. Overall, I think the Converse FlyEase is good rendition of the classic but with some good functionality and comfort added to the mix. Two colors are available at various Converse stores and retails for Php 4,590. Check out these images that I took at the Converse store in Trinoma.


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