#kixspotted adidas Harden Vol 6


With the Alert Level 1 being implemented here in Metro Manila, I am able to check more shoe stores particularly in malls. Here is one of the recent kicks that adidas released here in the Philippines. I am not sure when did they officially dropped these since I still do not visit the malls as frequent as pre-pandemic, but nonetheless, here are some images of the latest from the James Harden signature line, the Harden Vol. 6.

The first thing that I noticed is that it is pretty similar with his first signature shoe in terms of cushion tech implementation. So if you the Harden Vol 1's cushion setup, then you might like this too. The only thing that I personally think needs some improvement would be the upper and that lace-looking garter on the forefoot and ankle/heel area. Other than that, I think it is another great shoe from the Harden line. The upper feels flimsy and it looks like if I wear to wear them on court, there is a high chance that I will be ruining them quickly because it is prone to scuffs and scratches. Granted that there are some fuse panels in the toe area up front and in the high-wear areas, I wish the upper was more thicker or maybe reinforced. But that is just me. That good thing is that it is gonna be light because of the materials used. The lateral side of the midsole has a rubber piece in the midsole to promote containment of the Boost foam. Yup, Boost is once again present on the Vol 6 and this time I think it is implemented alone, unlike last year's model where it is a combination of Lightstrike and Boost. The medial side exposes the Boost so you can pretty much feel the energy return that Boost foam is known for. There is a torsion plate underneath as well with the rubber outsole having herringbone traction pattern with varying thickness on different sections. Priced at Php 7,000, you can get them at adidas store in SM Annex in North Edsa. 


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