Crayola X Vans


Here is the latest collab from Vans which you can get at various Vans stores. Collabing with Crayola, I think that the whole execution is good as they made the color-blocking design as if it was made using a crayon. However, I wish that they made it more consistent on the executions so it would be more adhering to the theme. But that is just my opinion. It is not a knock on them, it's just my personal preference. Different silhouettes were used to carry the collab and this is an excellent decision so they could really play around with the colors and the canvas.

As I said, different design elements were made. Starting from the color execution to putting colors underneath the outsole. Even the insole lining is a winner with that colorful lines to show the collaboration between Vans and Crayola. They come in adults, kids and toddlers sizes and here I have taken photos on them at the Vans store in Trinoma together with the prices so you can check them out. Overall, I think it is a great collab for the most silhouettes and whether you like subtle designs on collabs or "this is a collab shoe" approach, I am pretty sure you can find the right one for you.  


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